Boots to go with Oak Alexa

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  1. I'm going to wear my new OS Oak Alexa with everything :smile: but I'd still like to get some new boots to go with her. I have dark brown and black, but would like to get something in the same or similar colour. Any suggestions? Flat or a small wedge/block heel, but nothing spindly! What boots (other than black, which I know looks good) do you girls wear with your oak Mulberries?
  2. I don't know what to answer for you as you live in the United Kingdom.
    I wear Born Boots in a Congnac Color. I also have a pair of Coach Boots in Whiskey - Whitley boot. My favorite color is tan/cognac for boots and I have a collection of boots as I mostly wear skirts.

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  3. You make me feel normal LizCordova. I love boots and would wear all year.

    Can't sleep , think I'll surf the last of the boots sales!
  4. corries2: Those boots are lovely. I don't know if Paul Smith is sold here in the States but I will look for them. I love Frye boots and I own two pairs.
    I too have a large boot collection. I love boots, they are my favorite pair of shoes. Close second are Gladiator Sandals which I love.
  5. Love love LOVE those Paul Smith boots, corries2. I might have to take myself off to the Notting Hill shop to try them on! LizCordova - wow look at your collection! I'm quite envious!
  6. I've just found those Paul Smith boots half-price! Here's the link (Aspecto), in case anyone else is interested. Thanks again, corries2!
  7. Fab redspark. You wont be disappointed. They are a lovely shape on the foot. I got £100 off on a site Hula found but your discount is even better. Hope it works out!
  8. Too bad they don't have my size or I would order them. I am a 37 or 6.5.
  9. Does anyone know how generous the Paul Smith boots are as I am a 5 in some and 6 in others and both are in stock. Are they particularly narrow too?
  10. I was just going to ask exactly the same thing Bluecat!!!

    Those boots are gorgeous, and such a bargain too :yahoo:

  11. Could you order both & return one?
  12. good plan this is what i tend to do!
  13. I've got hoover bag legs and I got them on. I'm a 6 and the 6 is a perfect fit. I love that the zip goes right the way down so you don't have any of that squirming and wriggling to get your foot in.

    Worst point is 6 buckles to do up and undo. I'm always at the cows tail running late. I ran round to the station today with only the zip up and the buckles flapping about under my raincoat.

    Still if you want functionality, get a pair of Wellies!!!