Boots that Hurt

  1. I bought a pair of boots and they dig into my ankles. I have big cuts on my feet from them. Is there anything I can do to them so it won't hurt me anymore?
  2. I had the same issue with some Frye boots and ended up parting company with them.

    Is it because they are tight or because the leather is thick? It could be they need an adjustment at the cobblers
  3. The leather is too thick the boots are not tight at all.
  4. I think a cobbler can, for want of a better word, squash the leather and put leather softener on. My dad offered to do it to my Frye boots by putting them in a vice!! I decided to eBay instead.....
  5. I'd return them for a pair that doesn't hurt your foot
  6. I wore them already I don't think Nordstrom would let me return them.
  7. If they are that uncomfortable that you can't wear them then I think they should refund you
  8. humm...i think i have the same problem as you with these nine west boots that i bought

    i THINK that it its because the top part is to big so it rubs against your leg when you walk?? i think thats my problem cause it had happen before with other boots. i would just wear socks so it wont hurt as much and i think over time it wouldnt hurt anymore
  9. I wouldn't return a pair of shoes that are worn...

    you could try to use heel grips, or liners? Dr. Scholls make these foam strips that you can put onto the shoes, you can maybe give that a try.
  10. stop wearing them. they will only mess up your feet.

    if they dont fit, dont force it to.

    best bet is to give them away
  11. if worst comes worst just return them. Nordstroms has no problem returning used items.
  12. There is no point hurting your feet...there is a certain point up to which your feet and shoes can get adjusted, but there are some styles that just cause endless pain.
  13. Thank you for all of your feedback ladies. I'm just disappointed b/c they were UGG boots.
  14. If you bought them at Nordies you can and should totally return them. They want their customers to be happy. Shouldn't be a problem at all. I often go out of my way to purchase things there because of their return policy.