Boots that Got Away - Can you help me find them?

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  1. OK, it's a long shot, because I saw these boots in the Burlington Coat Factory, where they were priced at $25, I even tried them on, but got distracted looking for Holiday Gifts and didn't get them, when I went back, they were gone, so here is the description, just in case.

    They were made of that waterproof nylon stuff like Totes boots, they were brown, just above ankle height, they had a real laces all the way up, but also a side zipper. Flat heels.

    But what makes me think about them still, 3 months later, is that on the ends of the rounded toes, and a couple of other places, were metallic bronze accents, either leather or unleather, I didn't notice.

    Worse, I didn't notice the brand name, so I have been unable to search for them very efficiently.

    Now I know that most people here are very knowledgeable about very expensive shoes, and these are not. But just in case anyone may have seen them, or any like them, I thought I would give it a shot and ask you all.
  2. Bumping this up just in case. I really want those boots. I should have bought them. Poo.
  3. I FOUND THEM!!!

    By some miracle, at the same Burlington Coat Factory where I first saw and didn't get them, and later couldn't find them. The brand is Diba, and the style I think, is punch.

    More good news, they were in the clearance section, marked down to $16.99. Pricey, I know, but I had wanted them sooo long.

    So of course now I want a pair of black ones. But the internets have many Diba shoes, but not these boots.

    So if you happen to run across a cache of Diba shoes somewhere, and see some nylon upper flat heeled boots with laceup and side zipper, in black, hopefully with pewter accents.....
  4. OOps, the brand is X2B, diba is just what the box says, it's one of those outlet stores, they just stuff clearance stuff in any old box.

    And the internets yield even fewer x2bs than dibas, and none in the style called Punch.

    Oh well, I never expected to find the brown and gold ones, maybe the black ones will find me the way their sister did.... :biggrin:
  5. Yay! You found them, and bonus they were on sale! :yahoo: Must have been meant to be. Hope you find the black pair, too!
  6. yeah I'm so excited for you that you were able to find them!!
  7. That's the most awesome feeling, when you found something you've been looking for!