Boots! Tell me your favorites!

  1. OK ladies, as I pack for NYC, where I'm heading for a grad school interview:wtf:, I've realized that I don't own many pairs of practical winter shoes. Hey, I live in Atlanta, land of 70 degrees in January, don't judge. :p I really want to get lots and lots of pairs of BOOTS! Comfy flat ones for walking, higher heeled ones for night time, to wear with jeans, skirts, whatever. So post anything that you like/have/lust after. I do have one pair of Uggs that I :heart:, and being from the South I obvi have cowboy boots:upsidedown:

    I'll start by saying that I am seriously lusting after some CHLOE boots. :drool: I love really well made leather boots, which probably comes from my horseback riding background. I'm also thinking about venturing down the path of booties..maybe..if I can figure out how to wear them.:confused1:
  2. Hello, I'm new here this is my first reply. I have a pair a of Coach Meadow Boots in black. They sound perfect for your trip. They are comfy and they can definately be dressed up or down to your liking. Check @ to see if they have them in stock. I got mine in June. The store here never even recieved the boots. I got lucky. They are pretty reasonable too.:yes:
  3. I think a pair of Chloe boots will be great for you.. I have one and its more like the dressy style..

    I think UGG is definitely good to keep you warm.. but they don't look all that classic... but definitely comfy~!!

    Good Luck on your interview..
  4. Blahniks. They seem to hold up better. I've bought really sexy boots by Gucci, Prada, Dolce Gabbana, Casadei etc, but something about the Manaolo leather just looks/wears better over a few seasons. Next to my Manolo's my favorite boots are the John Galliano for Dior Croc stamped Flat Boots that he made in Winter 2004. I got them in both black and brown and they are super comfortable and really chic for days when you don't want to wear heels.
  5. I recently purchased a pair of Coach boots. I think they are made really well, as most things with Coach's leather are, and are super comfortable. I would highly recommend.
  6. I am currently obsessed with coach maxene boots. so cute and can be dressed up or down.

    i also live in nyc and i have to say no matter what pick shoes that you can walk in. nyc is a walking city (i was just in atlanta this past weekend btw!) and you don't want shoes that are going to hurt your feet after 2 blocks or even 12. i like maturalizer and aerosoles for lots of walking. i can spend whole days in them and be fine. plus i think they're having big sales now so check em out.
  7. Frye campus boots.
  8. Grad school interview over and I think it went well!:yahoo: Now it's time to shop and celebrate! I peaked in the Barneys shoe sale and they had some YUMMY things in my size so I might have to go back...:angel:
  9. Chloe.... love em!
  10. I wore these for the first time yesterday and they drew raves. Got them on sale for $150 by calling my local Stuart Weitzman boutique (thanks to the suggestions of the gals of this forum).
  11. all Loeffler Randall boots (other than the patent leather)
  12. I love Jimmy Choo, Coach and Cole Haan boots!
  13. anything Frye boots :smile: yay
  14. My Coach Meadow Boots are my absolute favorite.:tup: