boots...take two! (Brandy Zelda pics!!)

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  1. i came home to a wonderful pile of packages, among them my HH stuff! (i also got a bowery clutch but didn't get pics yet)

    so my maddies didn't work out...i got some zeldas instead and boy, i love them! the leather is wonderful and the zipper is wicked...its very comfy for a heel (usually i stay under 2" bc my feet just HATE it) but these dont feel like 2.5" at all! its still big in the calf like the madeleines, but the styling makes it look much better- i think the cuff helps. plus i dont plan to wear it barelegged as much as i do w/ leggings or jeans. but your opinoins are welcome :smile:

    anyway, here are some pics i thought might help someone whos interested! the boots are definitely not brown like online..they are more mahogany. they look best in sunlight, more reddish than indoors. the look a little more brownish indoors, but still gorgeous!

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  2. more details:

    i would say the last pic is the best representation of how it looks indoors, under your average lighting. as i said, more reddish in daylight!

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  3. They look stunning on you! Congrats! I wish the heel was at least 4 inches tall! LOL, I need height!
  4. Those look terrific!
  5. Beautiful, but I am now almost 100% sure the calf and ankle will be super floppy on me. Sad.
  6. They look fantastic! The color is really beautiful.
  7. Did you try wearing them with the cuff up? The website says people can. I'm curious.
  8. These look amazing on you!!! :love: You're right, the extra width works so much better in this style for you. Mine come tomorrow and these pics have me so excited! Thanks for posting :smile:
  9. Wow, that color is phenomenal. So much better than the HH stock photos. Beautiful pair of boots. As for the fit, the cuff takes your attention off how clingy or not the boots are. These look great on you, though I also thought that the Madeleines looked good on you, too.
  10. They are oh so fine! Much better than the other ones. You must keep these!! :tup:

  11. thank you all :smile:

    i will try wearing them w/ the cuff up, though itll probably look silly on my short legs. but either way i will post pics later and let you girls see for yourself how it looks!
  12. I think they'll look fantastic with jeans! Score!
  13. aznanjl - they look fabulous on you! The color is luscious!