Boots or booties?

Nov 25, 2006
I ordered Loeffler Randall Matilde boots in black a few days ago. It was expensive for me:smile:
Now I found a pair of Pour La Victoire booties that are really cute online.
Of course it's half the price of the boots.

Which one should I invest in?
I wear boots/booties a lot in the fall and winter with opaque tights/skinny jeans.




Let's Go Caps!
Nov 1, 2008
Same here, go with the boots. Are you drawn to the booties primarily because of the pricepoint or do you love them as much as the boots? The boots are more versatile in winter.
Oct 23, 2006
I like the style of the booties more. I am not feeling the style of the boots. Since you would wear the booties with opaque type tights in the fall / winter...I think they would be more versatile...because you can use them in the spring / summer, as well, without tights or with a light weight tight.

A lot of people may not wear the boots in the spring / summer because they would be too hot. So, of course, depending on where you live...and the style of clothes you wear would ultimately determine if the boot or bootie goes better with your wardrobe.