Boots on SALE!

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    Ok so this is the time of year that all the stores get rid of all their boots and start stocking up on sandals and heels... unfortunately some of us live in cities (such as san francisco) where its boot weather all year round! Does anyone know of some good places that still have boots left?!

  2. I think online shopping is your best bet at this point, but check out his site: Not only are the boots amazing, they just have amazing shoes period!
  3. I love Cathy Jean boots! I bought two pairs of their wedge ones, they are soooo comfy.
  4. I LOOOVE those wedge boots, they're exactly like the UGG ones I wanted to get but cannot find anywhere. Can I ask how the fit is, are they true to size? And how does the calf part fit you, tight/loose, my calves are a bit on the larger side, do you think I'll be ok??
  5. I normally wear a 7.5 and I got these in a size 7, and they fit perfect. So if you're a half size, I'd scale down. I think I have normal sized calves and these are perfect for pulling up with skinny jeans or leggings without fussing. (I hate boots where they are so tight you have to tug, pull, straighten....these just slide right up!) So if you have larger calves I would think they'd be okay but you may have to wear them bare or with tights if they are very big.
  6. ^^
    Thanks so much!!
  7. aahhhhhh this is the best!!! thank you all i just found 2 different pairs!!!
  8. They do look nice.... Do you mind telling how high the shaft is? Thanks!
  9. I went to Lord and Taylor today and they had a whole wall full of clearance boots!!!
  10. ^ Oh no. I will have to swing by, Thanks!
  11. Oh that's a great idea! I always forget about them :smile: thanks!
  12. I just scored some killer boots at the San Francisco Loehmann's! They have tons of nice leather boots in the clearance section right now if you get lucky with sizes. Check it out!
  13. NR has a lot of boots. I just scored two pairs of Cole Haan Collection boots.
  14. This might help you guys out too!!! - Online only! Take 20% off regular & sale priced ladies' shoes using Code: SHOES - Lord&Taylor. (got my eye on some new FRYE boots!)