Boots-Oh How Can I make them fit ?!

  1. Recently I've bought a pair of boots, but have unfortunately miscalculated the width of the shaft. I bought these boots online off of ebay and they stated that the shaft was 16'' or so they claimed. My calves are 15'' at the widest part and these boots seem to be atleast 1'' too small.

    Is there a way I can get these to fit me snuggly ?

    They're zipp up boots, and I hear that if you take a blow dryer to them, they'll stretch just a bit. The thing is, they're not real leather at all rather they are SYNTHETIC. Very nice.. : 3 They're white too.. i love these boots !

    I'll post pictures of them later when I get a chance to take them.

    Please help !
  2. if they were leather, the boots can be stretched by a cobbler- they have special devices which slowly stretch the width of the shaft...
    i'm not sure about synthetic stuff though, so you might want to ask first.
  3. There are few things on earth worse than a pair of shoes you love that simply do not fit. This happens to everybody at one time or another, I can still feel the frustration of - (long tale from 1972 omitted on humanitarian grounds)

    You might have to resort to having a cobbler put in a little panel of elastic beside the zipper, if they are white, s/he should be able to match a covering flap. It might cost you, but if you gotta have them boots, it will be better than hurting your legs!