Boots No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour - Really Works!!!

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  1. It seems I've been searching my entire life for this product! I have very thin nails, so no matter what polish I use it seems to start chipping and peeling off within days. Then I found Boots No7, Stay Perfect. The only reason I bought it in the first place was because I was looking for a very dark (almost black) maroon. Well, 2 weeks after I initially polished it is finally time to take it off and start new. 2 WEEKS! For me, this is unheard of. You can visit the Boots No7 site here:

    They don't ship to the US, but this line is now carried at all Target stores here. I am not sure if it is sold anywhere else over here... Thanks for reading my latest fabulous find! :smile:
  2. I believe it is also sold in CVS.
  3. Thanks, LVA! This stuff is really great! :smile: