Boots No7 make-up

  1. Do you wear No7 products?

    I bought some today and love them.
  2. I am not familiar with Boots, but this brand is now sold at Target. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried it, and what do you think?
  3. *Bump*

    Has anyone tried these yet?? I've seen them at Target too and I'm just curious. TIA!!
  4. I've seen it at Target too and have been curious. I guess I should but something since no one else has tried it. lol

    ETA: Some info from their webpage (I was curious lol)

    Great Facts to Know
    • Boots is a leading international pharmacy-led Health & Beauty retailer.
    • 2009 marks the 160th Anniversary of when John Boot, the herbalist, opened his first store in Goose Gate, Nottingham.
    • Our products are not tested on animals. Through our unique development facility and the millions of women and men who trust boots, we test all our products on people to ensure each and every product provides the desired results before offering into stores.
    • We’ve tested our products on over 200,000 men and women enabling us to assess product performance on different skin types and in different environmental conditions.
    • Boots developed Ibuprofen in 1960, which was patented in 1961. Boots was awarded the Queen's Award for Technical Achievement for the development of the drug in 1987.
    • Boots’ first Royal Warrant was granted to Baron Trent, of the Boots Pure Drug Company, on January 1st 1942.Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition to companies who’ve regularly supplied products to the Royal Household. They are regarded as a mark of excellence and quality, and are highly prized.
    • No 7 the number 1 cosmetics and skin care brand in the UK; 1 in 3 women in the UK have a No7 product in their makeup bag.
  5. Boots is a pharmacy/drugstore in the UK. I saw their lipstick a few days ago and was wondering if anyone had tried it.
  6. Ok I will go today and check. Looking for a drugstore foundation.
  7. I use their liquid highlighter and I really like it! Only drugstore/target product in my makeup bag.
  8. I have two lip sticks...they are really nice. I was lucky and snugged them on clearance at Target :smile:
  9. I like No 7, I own a few lip liners, a high lighter and a tinted moisturizer. The lip liner in nude is my go to lip liner and I have gone through a few of them. I believe the makeup artist Lisa Eldridge works with No.7 in creating a few products/lines and she recommends a lot of their products in her tutorials. I also use a few of their skin care products.
  10. No7 is one of the best brands of drugstore cosmetics sold in the UK!
  11. I absolutely hate No7 makeup. I find it overrated, expensive and old fashioned and that's putting it nicely lol
  12. I'm not a fan of UK drug store make up but No7 is very popular in the UK. Everybody buys it! I use their eyebrow pencil and they have really nice nail polishes.

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  13. So far I got their nail polishes and lipsticks which I like. As for foundations, I found them all orange looking, even on the lightest shades.
  14. I just purchased the True Identity Foundation and I am liking it so far.
  15. We bought something at a drug store in London and got a 3 British lbs coupons and I used it on an eyeliner. I like the sponge thingy on one end. The liner itself is okay but I'm not complaining since I practically got it for free.