Boots No.7

  1. For all the UK ladies you HAVE to tell me what you think about the Boots No.7 cream! They released the U.S. version of it and I started using it about a week ago. I definitely feel like my skin is a little smoother. But, I need to know....does it live up to the hype?
  2. They released this at Target/CVS earlier this year and I've already gone through 1 tube. It's works pretty well... esp for being $22+tax. It made my skin softer every morning and very hydrated.
  3. I actually like it. I have been using this since it hit Target stores a few months ago. I use it in the daytime in addition to my other skin care regime. I haven't used it by itself though so I don't know if it enhances anything I already use.
  4. Do you guys use it as a daytime or nighttime moisturizer, or both?:confused1:
  5. I use it at night before my actual moisturizer. You can use it day or night before the moisturizer but during the day I use my Skinsceuticals.
  6. I was just going to start a thread on this. I heard that the US version is called something different then the UK version? I saw many different #7 creams at target tonight. Which one is "the one"?

  7. beauxgoris-- See OP picture of Restore and Renew. I've been looking at Boots products as a replacement to my clinique 3 step and people have lots of great stuff to say about them. R&R seems to be the most sought-after.
  8. I tried to see the list of ingredients for both the U.S. release and the U.K. release. The list of ingredients are the same, though it could be in varying percentages. I have noticed that my skin is softer and and a bit smoother. I think I am going to stick this one out!
  9. i've been using this for a few weeks now and i like it -it hasn't caused my sensitive skin to have any type of reaction, and my skin seems to be happy plus it's cheap so i'll keep using-it's pretty much replaced my estee lauder idealist
  10. I don't see any difference. :sad:

    How is my skin supposed to change?
  11. For me it's made my skin feel a lot smoother.
  12. I had the worse experience with Clinique. I would never recommend that product to anyone.

    Boots is a good product.
  13. Is this the same as the UK's Protect & Perfect? If so, I've been using it for a while under my moisturiser and I really like it.
  14. Yes, Boots No7 (USA) Restore & Renew is the same as the UK's Protect & Perfect.
  15. I'm using it since July and it really works... I asked my dermatologist and he told me that No. 7's quality is as good as Estée Lauder or Chanel but cheaper...
    I'm trying a couple more creams and I'm quite happy with the results...