Boots 'n' BBags

  1. It occurred to me that my BBag choices coordinate well with my boot wardrobe. So I put them together to test the theory. :wlae:

    How about you?
    Boots-'n'-Bags-Cafe.jpg Boots-'n'-Bags-Rouge1.jpg Boots-'n'-Bags-Rouge2.jpg Boots-'n'-Bags-Sapin.jpg
  2. OMG! Brilliant thread. You beat me to the punch. I've been plotting a thread for everyone to showcase things (anything) they have that perfectly match a Bbag color. I mainly have matching boots, like you.

    Everyone should post pics of things they have that match their bbags!

    LOVE your boots, by the way. They look very expensive:sweatdrop:
  3. Thanks, Decophile. Looking at the chocolate elephant boots, I think perhaps I ought to be scouting for an eggplant and an apple green for my next purchases! (Talk about expensive!!!):nuts:

  4. Fun thread billysmom!!! After I saw your pictures, I started to think about it and I too, have some fabulous boot-BBag combos!! I'll get the camera out this evening and post for ya! ;)
  5. I love your pictures, fabulous boot and bag collection. :smile:

    Are any of your boots custom-made from Caboots?
  6. Great idea! Love your boots....and the bags of course! ;)
  7. they match perfect!

    awesome. I need to find thinks to match my bag. hmmmm.....
  8. The slick ostrich with the red/white inlay tops and the full quill ostrich with the dark green tops are custom by M. L. Leddy. (Living three miles from their Stockyards store is deadly for my bank account.) The chocolate elephant are custom by Mercedes Boot Co. of Fort Worth. The black tulip inlays are custom by Paul Bond, of Nogales, AZ. I've never had any made by Caboots since Leddy's and Mercedes are in my backyard, so to speak.

    Before BBags, custom boots were my major spending vice. Now I have a new money sink! Still leather, though ......;) On the other hand, BBags are better for instant gratification. My last pair of Leddy's took 10 months.

    Here's a question for y'all:

    What BBag should I buy for these boots? :confused1:
  9. ^ a natural city of course!!

    You have a gorgeous boot collection!!! :love:
  10. This is so fun, i think you should get an 05 Gray City.:graucho:
  11. Very nice. I love the boots and bbags.
  12. wow, i love your boots-n-bags girl!!!'s sooooooooooooo texas, which i love (i'm an adopted texan) :heart:...yeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaw!!!
  13. Great combos! Gorgeous Bbags, of course...:love:
  14. I agree with both Loganz and Nanazy. Naturel or 05 Grey:yes: .

    Now, billysmom, I love this thread and have been wanting to do the same thing for a while, but don't know if you've invited others to post their boot match-ups here too. Is it ok to post our pics in this thread, or would that be hijacking? whatever your say! Your boots are AWESOME!!!!
  15. A lilac would look nice.