Boots In July !!! Do You Like The Look ?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]Its official: The World Cup has dribbled its way into every facet of human culture, even women’s fashion blogs. Being a red-blooded American, I’m partial to football (go Eagles!), but since the whole world is obsessed with soccer, I’m going to focus on the fashion of the high-profile soccer wives. Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Tweedy were spotted supporting their men in very short shorts and boots. Boots in July? Maybe that’s how they get the emaciated calves, sweating in knee-high boots.
  2. urgh! They must be boiling up! Actually, I'm pretty sure that pick of VB is from last year ,when she as on holiday in St. Troez. I recall her getting a lot of stick for copying a look Kate Moss had worn to Glastonbury a few weeks before. (when in truth, Kate had worn shorts, yes, but the bots were wellies, like every single other person at Glastonbury!!)

    Either way, I don't think its a wise choice of footwear for hot weather!
  3. To me, it's just another trendy look that happens to look very uncomfortable and hot. It doesn't look bad on them but I wouldn't wear boots in the summer.
  4. I know their feet have to be sweaty under those boots. :huh:
  5. I'm into it right now but not the way these two ladies are doing though (the shorts, esp. Victoria Beckham's and the see-through top are too much for my taste and makes you look like a lady of the oldest profession).

    My version is different. I ride horses so I do it with Hermès riding boots: pairing it with a floaty, tea dress that I usually wear with heels in the city to make the whole ensemble more countryside-esque. It's the out-of-mode gypsy look but I still do it (esp. walking in the rugged French countryside).

    You are right about the calves - once you take off the boots your calves are so much slimmer (at least it feels that way anyway, LOL) because of all that sweating!

    So yes it's not a wise choice for hot summer but if you think about it as a 'sauna' for your feet it's not too bad, LOL!
  6. Maybe I'm just weird, but I don't really confine myself to seasons. I'd wear anything I like as long as it's comfortable! Meaning, I wouldn't wear tight leather knee-high boots if it was 100 degrees and humid outside! But if I were going out and it was cooler at night, I'd do it. :yes: I like the look of boots and shorts. Maybe not quite as short as Victoria's though. :Push:
  7. ^^I agree with you!
  8. I think it's crazy to wear boots in 100 degree weather. I dont really care how trendy it is... shorts and flipflops for me.