Boots - Good Styles/Brands for Small Calves?

  1. I always have trouble finding tall boots that don't look ridiculously loose around my calves. Are there any particular brands that are especially good for someone with skinny calves? I don't want to have to get boots altered, my friend did this once and they looked really off. I have a pair of Manolo tall boots that fit the best of any I've ever tried, but even those are still slightly loose. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. I would like to know the same thing. But you can get them taken in maybe theycould do it in the store so they cant realy ruin them.
  3. I have thin legs and always look for the ones that have some stretch in them. They've held their shape for me really well and are nice and snug, they're really flattering on us w/ thin legs IMO!
    I haven't shopped for boots this year yet, so I can't recommend a specific one yet. . . I'll keep my eyes open!
  4. You know questions like this make me smirk because I have the exact opposite problem. They need to make knee boots in sizes.
  5. Thanks! I had a pair that were the stretchy pull-on style, and I found they were kind of a pain to get on and off. Are there any that have stretch that also have a zipper?
  6. They really do! Shoe makers know we all have different foot sizes, why can't they acknowledge that we all have different calf sizes too??
  7. I don't have skinny calves and I've found Choo boots to be painfully tight.
  8. Actually some do!

    Specialists in knee length calf fitting leather boots for women | DUO boots

    they make boots in a very wide variety of calf sizes & they ship internationally too!! Fabulous quality. i bought a pair two years ago & they are still going strng, despite me wearing them practically everyday for two winters & two Autumns! They only reason I'm getting a new pair this year is I lost wieght & now my old pair are too big on my calves! (yaay!)
  9. yeah, they're a pain but after I get them up they look so good! LOL!
    There's probably stretchy w/ zippers. . . it was 90 degrees here at midnight last night and it's 90 again now @ 9:30am. . . I just can't hink about boots yet! LOL!
  10. Wow. Is international shipping expensive? I'd really like to try them out.
  11. I have the same problem. That's why this fall I want my boots to come form Aldo's. Their tall boots are more tapered than slouchy.
  12. Thank you so much for the link! They actually have my calf size! Woo-hoo!
  13. I have the same problem ... but I found certain styles to be more flattering like the pull-on, slouch down kind.

    Designers I've had better luck with: Gucci, Dior, Delman, Chanel
  14. Oooh I only wish I had this problem ! :graucho:
  15. LOL I've had friends say that to me too, but honestly, you don't!! I look ridiculous in most knee boots. My calf size is the smallest size the website posted above carries. It is not a good thing!

    Oh well, I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, right?