Boots for Fall??!

  1. Hi All,

    Any tips on what length is the most flattering for boots since Fall is coming?
    I'm about 5'5 and wear heels most of the time, thking of getting some boots :smile: What brands do you gals recommend?

  2. if u wanna go all out get christian louboutin boots those are HOT
  3. thanks for ur suggestion! But I always think I hav thick calves :sad: do you think leather or suede is more flattering ? :smile:
  4. For this fall, in terms of boots I got gucci suede, prada suede short boots, chanel riding boots, and now the other chanel tall boots
  5. sounds fab!
    Im thinking of getting knee high boots...(my first pair) just moved to the do you guys recommend suede or leather? which is more flattering?
  6. I like leather, suede gets ruined toooooooo fast
  7. will keep that in mind! thanks! :smile:
  8. I have never had a problem w/ suede.. even w/ kids. I just have them sprayed every year. I love Jimmy Choo & Manolo for boots.
  9. Ankle boots are very in this year. makes me happy since I have such thick calves.
  10. i just bought the christian dior high black leather motorcycle boots kate moss models in all the CD ads. the leather is really great.:heart:
  11. cool !
    everyone here is so chic :girlsigh:

    what spray should be used for suede? no wonder a lot of my suede bags got ruined quick, I never sprayed anything and obviously the SAs I bought from never mentioned anything either (haha, blame it on the SAs!)

  12. Apple Garde can be used to protect both leather and suede. :flowers: