Boots for a winter holiday

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  1. Hi all,

    I live in a warm climate so I rarely experience snow or slushy weather, except when I go overseas. Since I'm anticipating a winter holiday (yay!) at the end of the year, I've begun doing some research but I can't seem to find a good pair of boots that are fashionable and will also keep my feet toasty.

    I'm inclined to rule out all heeled boots given that I may trudge around in the snow. Yet I'm reluctant to buy a pair of Uggs because I just don't like the look of them despite knowing how warm they are.

    Any recommendations for a study pair of boots with good soles that can keep you warm, be it in the city, or having to walk around in the snow for a bit?

    All suggestions welcome. I'm a student on a budget so I reckon anything above USD200 is out for me. :sad:

  2. Where are you going for the holidays? If it is within North America a lot of people wear Uggs so you wont stick out like a soar thumb. Only thing, they are not completely waterproof if you wear them in wet snow. I live in Toronto and know how hard it is to find what you are looking for (waterproof, warm AND stylish), regardless of the price.
  3. You could try Hunter boots with a thermal sock liner. Then you could wear it without the liner during warmer weather when it rains.
  4. It would really help to know where you're going. As someone who lives in a ski resort, I can steer you in the right direction of appropriate footwear to wear in a variety of conditions. Rain, torrential rain, light snow, compact snow, deep snow, ice, lovely packed-down snow with a shiny layer of ice on top....

    I'm not a fan of UGGs either but I do have a pair. Remember they have a flat bottom and traction is minimal to say the least. They are warm if you're going to be outside in below freezing temperatures, providing it's dry or sunny/overcast.
    My go-to winter boots are Timberland Earthkeepers Bethel. I wear them with wool tights and/or thick leggings and long sweaters in the winter. I like to be somewhat fashionable even if it's puking outside. Most locals around here wear UGGs and Sorels.
    Check out boots from brands like The North Face and Merrell. They both make a few styles of fashionable boots that are also awesome in the snow, rain and colder temperatures.
    My friend wears the North Face Janey from last year and loves them.
    Check out some of these, they're all in your price range:
    Merrell Tetra Strap Waterproof
    Merrell Chardonel
    North Face Camryn, Bryn and Snowtropolis

    If you live in the States, check out REI, they have some great stuff. Browse their website and check out the reviews.
  5. I think Uggs will be nice since it's warm and pretty comfortable to walk in! I wore mine for 3 winters already, going into the 4th one and they look so new still (except for sole, because I walk alot).
  6. As others have stated, I think knowing where you are going would be helpful. You said you are from a warm climate, so your idea of 'cold and snowy' might be very different from some of ours. Also, what style do you like? Many people are suggesting more of a snow boot. Is that the type of boot you are looking for or are you wanting more of an everyday boot? What color and material are you looking at? I'm sorry, I know this is a lot of questions, but it really can help everyone give you the best suggestions possible.
  7. La Canadienne if u can stretch your budget a bit!
  8. The general rule with winter boots is if they look good your feet will be cold.

    I have a pair of Columbia winter boots that are good to -30 and they are not very pretty. (But only $100).
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    I'm loving leather boots with a flat heel that's like 1/2 inches high.

    I think my main issue with UGGs is the fact that they're so shapeless, with no definition of the feet at all and I absolutely adore the curve of feet (especially in heels). UGGs simply look like a dead sheep's tongue splattered on -_-;

    In terms of price - there're decent high street brands out there. I definitely recommend leather simply because I think they're more durable, and I prefer their texture/scent over any man-made material. Plus they're generally waterproof. Perhaps Nine West or Bertie has something in your price range - I own boots from both brands and can recommend them.
  10. I second the Hunter boots with the sock liners. I live in a warm climate, too, but travel to the mountains a couple times a year. So I wear them alone in the rain during the summer and use the socks in colder climates--they are very warm! I think if you're not living somewhere cold/snowy full time, they're more practical than splurging on a nice pair of snow boots. I would also say riding boots or something along those lines, but in my experience they're not warm enough at all.
  11. Glad you posted this thread! I am on the hunt too. I am going to Germany, Austria and Switzerland so I really need boots. I live in NC so I rarely see winter weather, and when I , I stay inside! I tried on AGL boots - really liked them but did not have my size. I would love some more suggestions!
  12. Thanks ladies! I'm planning to go to Tokyo, and I'm not anticipating it to snow there, but I may also head into a colder part up north where it could potentially snow. Hence, I want a pair that is versatile enough for me to wear on the cobbled streets of the city, and also keep my feet warm without the boots becoming wet whilst walking on snow. Is it even possible to find such a pair? I'm close to giving up!
  13. Thanks Frugalfinds! I'm planning to go to Tokyo (see post above), but I may head into the colder parts up north where it may snow. I'd prefer leather boots, but something that is versatile enough to take me from walking on the streets to navigating in the snow for a bit, if possible.
  14. It is really hard to find leather boots that are also completely waterproof. As anther poster mentioned La Canadienne is a very good brand, but cost more than your initial $200 budget. I really don't think you will find fashionable water proof leather boots at your price point at regular retail. I hope someone will prove me wrong!
  15. ah. sounds like the search is futile - fashionable as opposed to warm. :sad:

    it seems like it's either Uggs or Hunter with sock linings for me then.