Boots Botanics?

  1. Hello y'all!

    As you may or most likely may not remember, I've been looking for a new skincare regimen since I'm bored of Clinique. Anyway, after reading many bad reviews out of Kiehl's and being a tad scared by the Shiseido price tags, I came across Boots Botanics line (not No.7). The stuff is V affordable and some actually has SPF in it which is what interested me the most.

    Bottom line is, has anyone tried Boots Botanics? If so, how is it? I'd love to get some feedback since doesn't have many reviews. Thanks a lot in advance!!
  2. Bump!! Anyone?
  3. You are naming two different lines from Boots: Nr 7 and Botanics... Nr 7 is excellent quality (confirmed yesterday by my dermatologist :tup:). I've tried Botanics shampoo and conditioner with green tea and they are very good.
    Hope this helps...
  4. I've tried some of the Botanics cleansers and toners and they're really good - smell nice too. My Mum swears by them.
  5. SORRY!!! Misread your post :shame: You are making the difference between the two lines from Boots but I read it wrong, opsssss...
  6. Heheeh, not a problem, Cece31! Happens to me all the time. Yeah, I'm very inclined towards buying the stuff from the Botanics line but thought I'd get some background first.. Stupid is out of stock on the moisturiser though! Can't complete my order without it :crybaby:
  7. My 'ex'sister in law used to swear by Boots Botanics and she always had lovely skin and there was one cream/lotion that she used to use and I love the smell.

    I can remember it now (even though I havn't smelled the smell for about 5 years) - it's making me feel very nostalgic!!!
  8. I used Boots botanics exfoliator and it was really good! Made my skin much clearer. My mum likes the night cream (cannot remember from the top of my head), but it seems to have worked, she does look slightly better.
  9. Thnx guys! I'm just waiting for stupid to stock up on the one product I'm dying to try. Sadly, Boots UK won't ship outside the UK :cursing: