bootlegged LVs!!!!

  1. thats so discusting i hope they get busted:cursing::cursing:
  2. I did not know that. That's just awful..!
  3. That's absolutely gross! :throwup:
    Like he said: They're gonna get you suckers!
  4. :cursing: that's terrible! :mad:
  5. that is nasty..........EWWW
  6. yuck :yucky:
  7. awful! but thank you for sharing.
  8. thanks for posting! that's insane.:tdown:
  9. well that explains everything. absolutely terrible!
  10. interesting, never knew that!
  11. How bizarre!
  12. Oh - My - God
  13. how do they come up with this crazy stuff?!?
  14. YUck..... they need to get caught.