Bootcuts tucked into boots?

  1. Hi ladies..!:yahoo:

    should bootcut jeans be tucked into knee high boots at all? or is that a no-no? :shrugs:

  2. I think that there is too much fabric in bootcut jean to be neatly tucked into a boot. Your best bet is to try a straight leg or skinny jean if you are going for the tucked in look.
  3. skinny jeans are best
  4. I found that if I wrap my bootcuts around my calf it works, but it has the unfortunate souffle look. Skinny or straight legs work the best.
  5. what about is they're slouchy boots?
  6. i find skinny jeans tend to give me a sausage kinda look :crybaby: i can't pull off skinnies...
  7. Ive tried doing the boot cut jeans folded up once, then get a pair of tube socks and neatly tuck the jeans into the with some boots. Its hard if the jeans are really boot cut at the ends up being too much fabric.
    Skinnys are the best. Even if they dont look good on you...with boots it covers the skinny part so it ends up looking like any jeans would. Try wearing a pair of boots to a store then trying a pair of skinnys on with your boots.
  8. I have tried many times and I find that the knees are too bunchy. Really a skinny or straignt leg pair works best. Good luck!!
  9. sorry if it's a silly question.... :shame: but what's the difference between skinny and straight leg?
  10. I would say skinny jeans or cropped jeans work best.
  11. I don't even use skinny jeans. I cheat by wearing capris and then tucking only a little so the calves look svelt.
  12. I agree about this look working, even if you don't look good in skinny jeans. I look horrible in skinny jeans, but with knee high boots, I can pull them off. Of course, my worst nightmare is that I would go to someone's house sporting this look, and then they'd want everyone to take their shoes off :lol: I think I'd have to run home and change!
  13. Skinnies taper from knee to ankle while straights go straight from knee to ankle.

    I agree that most skinny jeans don't work for me, but they work with boots!
  14. I agree with others. Skinnies, straights, or capris. Definitely NOT bootcuts. Bootcuts are bootcuts for a wear OVER boots. :smile:

    Same goes for cuffs on bootcuts. I cringe when I see them cuffed into capris. They look silly. IMO, only skinnies and straights should be rolled up and cuffed.
  15. I don't have any skinnies because they just look so hideous on me. I look like an awful bottom heavy eggplant in them in the dressing room. I've folded and tucked in my bootcuts and they look so/so. I need to get some skinnies and just remind myself they'll be in boots and won't look so awful on me when I have boots on.