bootcut >>> skinny?

  1. With the new trend towards skinny jeans, I've been contemplating something:

    Would it work to take a pair of slight bootcuts (I'm specifically thinking of a pair of Earnest Sewn Hefners here, maybe a pair of paper demins too) and have them taken in to create the straight-legged skinny look? Or, do you think it would mess up the lines of the jeans? :smile:
  2. it would mess them up..seriously.....I would just buy a new pair....
  3. Yea, that won't be a good look.
  4. If you really wanted to you could call up a tailor and ask.. I'm sure they'd be able to let you know if it was possible.

    I ruined a perfectly good pair of bootcut sevens by trying to turn them into crops... big mistake.. they turned into flared crops!! :Push:
  5. ^^^I suspect you guys are quite right...but I did think of trying it on some "superfluous" jeans that I wasn't wearing much anyway.

    I was probably just being way cheap! But thought it could be worth inquiring:smile:
  6. mand, i took a pair of scissors to my paige denim bootcuts and 5 minutes later, voila! just an alternative idea for you for your old bootcuts which are just lying around....:supacool: [​IMG]
  7. ^^^now those look really cute! (and hard to screw up:smile:
  8. oh please please don't skinny taper bootcut jeans. for a long time you couldn't find skinny jeans in the stores so one of my relatives who shall remain nameless has been tapering her bootcut jeans for years. IT IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. :yucky: you end up with a half seam down the back and the orginal seams are in wonky places on your legs. all around just :censor: up jeans. please do yourself and everyone who has to look at you a favor and buy a pair that's already tapered. :yes::biggrin:
  9. Don't do that....some skinny jeans looks weird so you really have to go and try the skinny you like and buy it instead.....
    Another reason to get a new pair of jeans :rolleyes:
  10. since skinny jeans are going to be in...

    does that mean bootcut are out? i love bootcut
  11. I agree it's best to just get a new pair and maybe not spend a lot if you are not sure if you are really going to like it or how long this trend will last. If you really want to make sure I would find a good tailor. I trust mine with my life and she always gives it to me straight on what looks good, what doesn't, etc.

    I hope bootcuts aren't going away any time soon! I've got a bit of a boo-tay even when I'm in my best shape and the bootcut is very flattering on me. I guess with skinny jeans they are easier to tuck into boots so I might try that!!

    Let us know what you find!
  12. I do NOT want boot-cut going out anytime soon either! I guess I'm just preparing for the worst:smile: Skinny jeans do have a sort of "now" look since they've been in stores lately. But I definitely hope boot-cut will stick around -- so slimming.

    Anyway, I won't touch any of my old jeans for now -- in terms of tappering them -- and if I get tempted, I'll check w/ a really good tailor first.
  13. I don't think bootcuts are going to be out persay. Skinny jeans aren't going to appeal to everyone out there. Like with every fashion trend, I always try to be safe and say- do it if it really looks good, not because it's "in". When flares were in, I avoided them like the plague. I look really silly in them.