boot trends for fall...

  1. Are you guys going to be wearing boots over the jeans again this fall/winter?

    and what do you think of these?

  2. I'll definitely still be wearing boots over jeans this fall.

    The boots are a little too rugged for me...The sole seems too masculine.
  3. I think they are pretty and I might wear them with a girly skirt or dress to mix it up a bit!
  4. I'm definitely wearing boots.
  5. ^^Same here mix it up with super girl skirts and nice fitting pants.
  6. Yup. This trend is still totally alive for me!!
  7. Me too. I bought too many pairs of boots last year, not to. I just got my new Glamour and the do's and don'ts for September is all about boots (even Uggs!) and it seems booties are still hot. Yeah!:yahoo:
  8. I love boots for winter. For me they are a must because my legs get too cold for only tights in the winter. My biggest complaint is shopping for them... I can never find ones that fit my calves correctly. I have my eyes on these:

  9. I have the same problem with my calves:crybaby:. where did you find these? I think they are really cute.
  10. I am still hot for boots over skinnies. All from last year.

    Nine West (Zappos)



  11. :heart:My new Marc Jacobs in cranberry patent.
  12. I love boots too, and I have the calf problem too, I could never wear boots over my clothes, the few I can get over my calfs barely get zipped up. I found that Chloe boots worked for my bigger calves.
  13. i love boots. can't wait to wear them when it gets cold out.