Boot Suggestions/perfect Boot Search...


Jul 31, 2007
Sunny California!
Every year, i tend to rack up many boots (also all BLACK boots) however i'm never 100% completely happy with them....i've always been looking for boots that are RIGHT UNDER THE KNEE with a sexy heel but yet comfortable....i found some at GUESS however they stick out at the top of the boot right under the outside of the knee so it looks like superhero boots or something lol....any suggestions for any boots (not super pointy) with a nice heel, preferably tan/brown or black? i searched @ aldo, charles david, guess, nine west, macys, nordstroms...but cannot find any! am i just out of luck or are there any other places that i should look (not online except for picture references because i want to try them on..) i also have skinny calves and small ankles :x and i'm 5'0" .... i'm tired of spending so much money on boots and not completely happy! also my budget is under 200$ for a pair....
thanks for any suggestions!! i dont know where else to go! if i had the $$$ right now i WOULD go to SAKS but i know i dont have that money so im not even gonna go there lol