Boot Height Shortening

  1. Has anyone gotten their boots shortened?

    I bought a pair of leather boots yesterday. Like most boots, the top of the boots come up right to my knee and pinch some when I sit. There is a zipper on the side. I want to get the boots shortened by 1.5-2 inches, but have never heard of anyone doing that (bf suggested it).

    So I'm curious about any experiences, what to look for, and the approximate cost.

    And if anyone in the Markham/Toronto area can recommend a good shoe person to go to for adjustments, that would be great!
  2. I'm not sure what you paid for the boots, but I suspect that it will cost you more to have them shortened than what you paid for them.

    There are a lot of cute boots in the world. Surely, there must be a pair that you like that is the right height.
  3. I got a quote for one of my boots and the price is $75.00. I decided to return the boots and get something else.
  4. Thanks for the info! It's nice to get an estimated cost.

    Unfortunately I have small feet and am picky about (apparently) the oddest things when it comes to leather boots. I've been looking for almost 2 years, these were the only ones that fit my bill closely (aside from the Pradas and higher end ones).

    They were <$200 and final sale so I can't take them back. I don't want to pay $400+ for boots I'd wear in deep snow, so a $75 addition is good for me. Maybe I should start hunting for my next pair since it takes so long to find something...

    I guess no one else have experience with this?
  5. I think you should find the best shoe repair in your area and take them in for a quote. Check with a good department store for a referral.

    It will be expensive (if they can do it) because they have to replace the whole zipper w/ a shorter one as well as cut the boot down.

    Good luck!