Boot Extenders (around the calf) - Does Such a Thing Exist?

  1. I thought I remember hearing about or reading that there was such a things as an extender (or maybe it was something that could be professionally done?) that widens the shaft of taller boots so that you can fit them around your calves easier. Does such a thing exist?

    I just bought a pair of boots that I have been lusting after for years now, but unfortunately, I can't zip them more than halfway up :sad:

    The boots are a perfect fit and they are sooooo comfortable. I hate having to give them up, so I guess this one last desperate attempt to see if there's anything I can do to make them fit around my calves
  2. are you talking about a stretcher? or an actual extender that you wear in conjunction with the boot?
  3. no, not a stretcher. I was thinking about something that actually extends the opening of the boot - like an elastic band or piece or something like that. I don't know if I'm imagining it or what, but I could swear I remember hearing about something like that (or maybe it was something that could be done professionally)

    It could also be wishful thinking tho!:p
  4. I think a good cobbler could insert elastic into the shaft, but the boots would never look the same. They can also be stretched, but only so far, of course. I haven't heard of anything else. Because boots normally zip up the side, there really isn't anything that can be inserted there that will hold them together. Unless an extension of some sort is permanently sewn in, I haven't seen any extenders.
  5. yea, I figured it was probably wishful thinking!
    I guess if I wanted to spend the $$ and found a GOOD cobbler, I could have the zippers removed from the boots and have them insert elastic where the zippers were - the zippers are in the back of the boots, so it may not be THAT obvious, but who knows how much something like that would cost (it would probably also be a lot harder to get them on & off)
  6. i wouldn't have the zippers removed if i were you. a good cobbler can stretch them. i bought a pair of marc jacobs boots and i swear, they made them for someone who has non-existent calves. i myself have 14" calves and i consider myself normal. my cobbler was able to stretch them out. i didn't want him to stretch them too much because i knew with time, wearing them would also stretch them out. and i personally hate when boots are too loose in the shaft.

    talk to your cobbler first. leather has amazing stretching capability. i'd try stretching first before you completely take the boot apart because they will never look the same if you do that.

    You zip it into your boot. Looks expensive, but you can use it over multiple pairs, as long as the zippers match up.
  8. ^that is seriously the most amazing thing Ive ever seen.
  9. That is very smart.
  10. I have large calves from years of dance, and I can never find tall boots that fit unless I buy ones labeled "wide shaft."

    I had a very nice pair of Bally boots once that I loved, but the calves were just too small. I took them to my cobbler (who is very good) and he said they can only stretch maybe 1/2" or so, and elastic inserts will gain you about the same amount. Any more than that and you're out of luck.

    ETA: That boot band thing is AWESOME. I am definitely ordering some of those! I have a pair of Donald Pliner mid-calf boots that would be perfect candidates.