Boot dilemma-need advice

  1. I bought a pair of boots at TJ Maxx yesterday. The bottom of the shoe stated they were leather uppers. When I got a closer look at them, at home, I realized the shaft of the boot is the only part that is leather, the rest of the boot is synthetic. The problem is I normally avoid synthetic/polyurethane boots because I live on a mountain where the winters are harsh-lots of snow, which turns to slush in the springtime. I'm afraid they won't hold up and will end up looking cracked and worn. I think the boots will look really cute w/my skinny jeans, though, so maybe just wear them when I go out someplace like a mall or restaurant?

    Here is a link I found with a picture of the boots, except I bought them in brown (if a link is allowed):
  2. From the link you posted:

    "The faux-leather and fabric upper features a tough-looking ring and rivet detail and cool slouch lines held in shape with a strap."

    I don't like shoes that aren't real leather. So I would return them. You have to figure that you get what you pay for.
  3. I don't normally go for shoes that aren't real leather, either. I've been getting rather frustrated with boot shopping this year-all the boots I've seen in the stores, even nice department stores are "man made materials" and still cost quite a bit. It seems shoes/boots aren't being made of leather anymore. But I guess that's a whole separate post itself.
  4. Yep, leather only for me too!
  5. not trying to ruin someone else's post but I recently posted needing advice too but have had only one person view the post and no one reply. I am in need of y'all expertise!!!! my lisitng is asking what shoes to wear with my new dress! Do you hear the desperation....Please reply!!!:blush:
  6. The cost of leather these days has skyrocketed because of gasoline prices. Man made materials can sometimes be more practical - believe it or not. In athletic footwear where technology reigns, the more expensive styles have no leather in them whatsoever! Only the basic everyday athletic shoes are made of leather and then only at around 51% at the most which is all they need to be made of to be classified as leather. And lots of man made materials hold up better than the natural kind when it comes to wear and tear depending on their coatings.
  7. Thank you to those of you who took the time to respond to properly respond to my post. Divnanata-Thanks for the info. I learned something new about synthetics. I've decided to just keep the boots, just to see how they actually hold up. They didn't cost a ton, so I'm not out a lot of cash.
  8. Glad to be of service. Payless PVC styles wear like iron - way better than their delicate leather counterparts. A branded boot with synthetic could be great!
  9. there's a certain comfort, however that leather has that no other material has. I also don't like the man made materials-it's bad for the environment. i like the natural fiber on my feet. and besides we can't really run out of cows or whatever animals my boots are made of :smile: also leather is a better breathing material bc of the pores in the skin