BOOT BUY decision making!

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  1. hellooo ladies...!!! :yahoo:

    ok, so after a rather painful fall (and a mild concussion) down the stairs of my university the other day, i have finally come to the conclusion that my dinky Farylrobin flat knee-high boots are not practical in terms of day to day usage, however cute they are :crybaby:.

    SO, i need to get a pair of heavy duty boots (the one i have in mind are the FRYE Veronicas in white/ecru:love:). However, winter is almost over, is it still worth it? :shrugs: they're around $300, which is pretty pricey...

    Bear in mind that i live in Vancouver, BC. it's pretty cold/wet here pretty much all year.:yucky: so maybe the light colour would be able to make it all the way into spring? any kind of feedback & opinions would be greatly appreciated!!! :flowers: i've never owned a pair of FRYEs before...


    Here they are! they won't let me save the pics, so here's the link:
  2. HELLO?! :confused1:
  3. I think these are cute. they look comfy & you should be comfortable wearing them to school.

    I agree with you about the light coloring. since you live in vancouver, a light color such as the cream color in the pic will be able to last you all the way until spring.

    300 isn't cheap for a pair of boots but neither is it super pricey. its about the right price range for an everyday shoe. I say go for it =)
  4. The thing is Frye boots will last you forever so for the longeveity they give $300 really isn't bad.

    I like the boots you posted
  5. Frye's are fab. I have 6 pairs and they are all lovely :smile:
  6. hm............... will try them on this weekend! :yes:

    THANKS EVERYONE!!! :flowers:
  7. If they are anything like the regular Engineer boots they are a b*tch to get on but do get easier
  8. I like the pair that you posted and agree that they will take you through to spring...the thing with Frye boots is that a lot of the styles go on sale..are you willing to wait it out to see if this particular style does?