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Oct 30, 2010
I was looking around at boot options for my gf for Christmas. She has a few pairs of CL's, 2 pairs of Bianca's and a pair of new simple pumps. What would be a good pair universal boots?

I would like to think some heel, and a not super pointy toe. She usually likes to wear tights or tuck them into her jeans. I was at my local Nordstrom and they had the Acheval in black (half leather and half suede). I thought this pair had a nice toe and heel height, just not sure how she'd like the part leather/part suede. I know she also like's the non heel style as well like the Cate Boot, but I feel like this kinda defeats the purpose since it's hides the majority of the red bottom.

I also like the Harletta in the dark brown suede but not sure if these are still available or what season they were from.

Thoughts from the experts?
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Apr 15, 2010
Have you looked into the Bourge? its the same boot in either all suede, kid or patent leather. It's a very comfortable classic/timeless boot!! what about a bootie? Have you looked at the sale boots? The lists are posted in a sale thread and in whats new for barneys neimans SAKs and a few of the boutiques like Costa Mesa and Horatio.
The Harletta isnt as attractive, and I personally dont like the chunky heel but we all have different tastes! I do love the Cate boot and egoutina, so-what u cant automatically see the red sole, its ok she knows its a Louboutin.

Also boot sizing is completely different from heels, a lot run VERY narrow in the toe box. and some shafts are not made for a average/thick calf (not saying your Gf has a thick calf, Im a runner, my calves measure 13.5in I've never had a problem with boots but my bourges are snug in the shaft and narrow in the toebox...which I took in a 39 one full size up from my Louboutin size, of a 38. On the other hand I have piros and forever tina and these run large, both in 38 and i have plenty of room for thick wool socks and the shafts slouch a bit if i dont wear jeans with them.
Boots should really be tried on.

Good luck in your search.


May 22, 2010
Agree with you, I have two pairs of boots and they run much smaller than any of my heels. Very very narrow toes. They're at least one size smaller than the size suggests so size up!

Shaft is also very narrow if you get a tailored look boot (slouch styles are a little wider), which for me is a good thing as I am thin and have really skinny calves. But I don't know many people who would fit into them

Not sure which models I have but they are both heeled, about 4 in and have almond shaped toes. One pair is Babel I belive. :smile:
May 27, 2007
I have the black suede/leather Acheval 100mm boots, and I think the combination of suede and leather is nice..more interesting than all leather, but still fairly conservative in all black with the almond shaped toe. Well, as conservative as a pair of CLs can be :biggrin: I think it comes in a shorter heel as well. There's also the Botalili which has a rounded toe but higher, thinner heel (120?). Good luck!


Sep 14, 2011
Hi. I have a pair of bourge boots in a size 36. ( in 120mm heels I wear 35.5 but in 100mm I wear 36). Anyway, I can't zip them up past my calf!!!! The boot part fits great though. Has anyone encountered this as well? Is this just how this style is made? Idk if I should try to stretch them or sell them. Any advice? Thanks.