boot addiction

  1. ok, i walked into CD just to check it out and thought i woud just look at the boots..... and i walked out with the high black leather motorcycle boots that kate moss is wearing in all the dior ads.... :love: will i have any money left to pay for food?
  2. Who needs food when you're fabulous ? ;)
  3. a woman after my own heart!:love: righ back atcha!:supacool:
  4. Food is over-rated!
  5. hahahaha!!!! I totally feel yah gals!!! You'll be both thin (with no food) and fab (with the Dior MC boots) ;)
  6. LOL! Call it the "Dior Diet"! Ramen noodles for a fewmonths isn't that bad ;)
  7. Food:optional
    Dior boots:mandatory!!!!

  8. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. ok, here is me with the Dior mc boots...i gotta confess to you that i just bought the Dior distressed brown knee high boots with the hanging Ds too....:love: [​IMG]o
  10. Wow!
  11. those boots are HOTT!! I looooove them!!!
  12. I was surfing Ebay and stumbled across these:
    These boots are to DIE for!!! They're selling for $925 at the moment (with one bid). I wish I could spare that amount of money for these boots, but they're just a wee bit overpriced for me (especially for something that will get ruined easily in the Canadian weather).
  13. wow :yes: both of those are so nice!
  14. HOT boots!!!!