~~Boo's got a new LOVE~~

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  1. Today was suppose to be an ordinary day; the only excitement was my getting to go out and play in the rain:P


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  2. you're too cute for words boo :sunnies

    'love your outfit!
  3. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  4. wow, love your boots, you look fabulous:woohoo:
  5. Loving those pink boots!
  6. Boo you look adorable!
  7. those pink boots are really fun....
  8. :hugs: thank you rox etoupebirkin ellayplam for dropping by~~

    etoupebirkin~ your amazing collection is partly to blame for what I went out and brought home today;) What a diverse and TDF collection you've got!! So I went out with that thought in mind..... hahha~
  9. :flowers::flowers: hahah~ I really LOVE my new pink rainboots and was hoping for a little bit of rain so I can wear them out!! Glad you ladies like them too!
  10. What did you GET!!!!

    I am glad I inspired you.:blush:

    You do look so cute in the rain boots too!!!
  11. So DH and I went to pick up my Nancy boot that was being repaired (I must have kicked something while I was wearing her....she's got a big booboo :crybaby:). and that was suppose to be the ONLY thing I was going to do at H today~~

    Thanks to my super SA who took care of the booboo~~My Nancy boot now looks perfect just like before~~

    And then he showed me something he's been hiding and waiting for me to go see......something that made me :cloud9::cloud9::cloud9::love::love::love:and literally jumping up and down in the store....

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  12. so adorable and pretty!
  13. Gosh, showed up just in time!
  14. looks so yummy.....
  15. Now, pink and black - am I sensing a clue - perchance?