Boooooooo :(

  1. I went to Macy's LV boutique Wednesday, don't have the pochette wallet in vernis pomme.

    So I went to 57th st. flagship store yesterday, no luck either.

    Website, out of stock.

    I don't think I'm meant to have this wallet....:sad:
  2. call 1866 vuitton and see if they can locate you one.
  3. I'm so sorry for you :s

    I would buy it for you if I could but there are problems with the shipping I think..:sad:
  4. I would definitely 866 it, they can find anything if its out there!
  5. :crybaby:

    I was told by the SA at 57th street that they most likely will get a shipment next week, so I will try again. I work 3 blocks away, so it's not really a treck. But sometimes when you want something, it sucks not being able to get it.
  6. aw *hugs* im sure the wallet will find you ! x
  7. sorry to hear that. there must have been some panic buying before the price increase. goodluck!
  8. It might be but the SA said they've been out of stock since Christmas. That's quite a long time to be out of stock....:girlsigh:
  9. Good luck, I'm pretty sure they're in stock at my store but they won't ship to the States.
  10. Try the store at the Garden State Plaza think I saw it there this week. Ask for LaSalle, he is wonderful
  11. Try the Louis Vuitton in Bloomingdales. They had one last week.
  12. i know how you feel, the color pomme in general is no where to be found (or at least where i'm looking). i hope you are able to find one, but if i see one i'll pm you.
  13. Oh you will find one soon.
  14. Aw good luck in your hunting. I know what you mean though when you get your mind set on something you want right away like Veruca Salt in the movie Willy Wonka and the Choclate factory when she sings "Don't care how I want it now!!!!"
  15. Realy? :yahoo:Thanks! I didn't think to check Bloomindales since I was walking towards 5th Ave instead of Lex. I was about to check Saks too but it was getting kind of cold. I can't go today but I'll definately check Bloomies on Monday. If they dont have it, I guess I can sit tight and save some money while I'm at it. Don't want to be a brat like Varuca lols :p