Boooo!!! She made me feel like an idiot...

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  1. So, I had dinner with my girlfriend last night. She knows how obsessed I am with purses but I guess she had no idea how much.

    I had told her about the upcoming NorCal purse forum party that I'm hosting. Her initial reaction... " A what? A purse forum party? Girl, that's just sad!". I felt so stupid! :cry: I didn't know how to react. She then proceeded to ask more questions... " People actually go to this?", " Don't you guys have anything better to do than talk about purses?" and so on. :sad2:

    Sorry, I just had to vent. I hate justifying why I spend so much on handbags and why I'm so obsessed with them. How would you respond to such a thing? :huh:

    ADDED I had to edit some foul things she had said sorry. I don't want to offend anyone.
  2. She doesn't have to understand your hobbies,but if she's your friend she has to respect them. What she said is nasty.

    I don't understand the attraction of stamp collecting,bird watching,train spotting,formula one racing,vintage shopping etc etc etc etc,but unto each their own.

    Don't feel bad...anbd if your friend puts you down on a regular basis it's time ofr a chat,because that's not what friends do.
  3. i think that's just meaaaaaan..!
    OR..she might just be jealous that she is not one of us..HAH!
  4. I sometimes will feel ridiculous when I am out with a girlfriend and go on and on about handbags only to realize somewhere mid rant that they have absolutely NO interest....butI have never had someone call me on it!! Why do people get together to discuss anything...because they are mutually interested....I wouldn't waste a minute feeling bad....obviously you now know, that when discussing it here! We all care what you have to say, and apparently none of us have anything better to do either!!!!!
  5. That is not nice!!!
    Don't feel bad, Pursegal-just last Saturday I had my first FE (forum encounter) with 2 ladies from a jewelry board that I've been chatting with for a few years now. It was soooooo fun.
    The funny thing is, though we were meeting for the very first time, in some ways I know them better than their friends, and vice versa, because we've confided so much in one another over the years. Online it's easier to share some things that are more difficult to say in person.

    At least handbags have a's even harder to justify jewelry expenditures. :smile:
  6. i second that. the most you can really expect from a real friend is respect. not everyone has the same morals or values and what not, but it's important to respect someone else's lifestyle. if you want to spend however much on a handbag then that's your business. there's no need to justify any of your purchases to anyone. you buy these things to please yourself, not others. it's not like she's comin outta her pocket to support your habit. it's your money, spend it how you want to spend it.
  7. And just like we do here, my jewelry forum is about so much more than just bling. We've accompanied one another through new jobs, schools, marriages, children. We discuss far more than just purses here, do we not?!
  8. Thats just plain rude & stupid, as your friend she should support you and be happy for you - even if she doesn't understand your hobbies or your interests! She should def. not judge you, that says more about her than it does about your interest in purses. Maybe she is just jealous about your passion & your being a member in a friendly web community like the PF? Sounds to me like your friend desperately needs something to be passionate about herself, she clearly can't relate to that feeling. As it is, she is the one missing out on something - pity her, rather than waste your energy on being angry...
  9. I get that the purse obsession isn't a hobby that all people "get"--but I'd expect a friend to respect my interests. Especially one that's as harmless as purses!
  10. Some people just don't understand. It's sad that your friend can't appreciate your hobbies.
  11. Wow, that is not nice. Coming from a mere aquintance, maybe ok.. but from a friend. That's so insensitive. Is she rough around the edges? Some ppl are like that and just blurt out everything in their head, without tact, regardless of your feelings. I know sometimes my friends talk about some stuff and in my head, I just wanna go to sleep but I respect them enough to show some interest or be polite and just listen.

    Sorry your friend was so awful. I would've just told them, "Pity u can't share my enthusiasm, coz I think it's great! Yay!!!! Can't wait!"
  12. I can't believe she could be so mean to you! Even if she thinks it's silly she should respect that you enjoy it, everyone has different likes!
    That is not how a friend should be!

    heehee I have to *edit* out some thoughts about her that I thought when I read your post! :mad: :lol: :shame:

    wish I could send you hugs!
  13. I had to think about this for awhile!!! I love my handbags....I love this forum, it is now my hobby! We have such wordly ladies, full of helpful information!! This place makes me laugh (really hard sometimes ie selena) cry, it does make me angry...and it gives me hours of fun loving beauty buying pleasure!!! I do talk about his place and others love to hear about what we have to say!!! Im sorry your friend was unkind....if only she knew...what pleasure we give each other.
  14. Pursegalsf, I feel you. I'm having a hard time explaining this too! Even to my closest friends!
  15. It's one of those thing people get or they don't. IMO it's a harmless hobby and source of pleasure, and many of us on here have lives that encompass WAYYY more than just obsessing about purses, and for those of us who don't, lucky you! ;)

    We all need a little source of harmless fun and pleasure in our lives, and for us it's handbags. She's the silly one if she can't get her head around the idea that different people like different things.