Boomingdale's sale (Chestnut Hill, MA) and funny story!

Oct 17, 2007
This weekend the Bloomie's at Chestnut Hill Mall had several BV pieces 40% off.

One of them was a small Cabat (not sure what it's called), but it was made of fabric--kind of a black/gold color--and original retail was $7,350.

They also had the bag below at 40% off. I was there with my husband looking at it, and all of a sudden he says to me, sotto voce, "It looks like a nut sack!" I turned to him and said, "You're crazy!". He held it up sideways and asked me to look again...and honestly, it kind of did!

Just then the SA walked over and said to my husband in a very playful way, "I know EXACTLY what you just said! And you made my day--because ALL of the SA's here have been joking about that since it came in!" :roflmfao::roflmfao: