Books & Music Books - Your Top Five Must-Reads for Fall!

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  1. There always seems to be a lot of excellent books released during the spring and fall seasons. A lot of authors try to get their books out there for the holiday season, so we usually see some pretty high profile titles released during the months of Sept, Oct and Nov.

    Most of my favorite authors release new books annually during the months of February/March or September/October. The newest book from my fav author (Nicholas Sparks) just came out last Tue and Robert Paul Evans (a very close 2nd!) releases his newest on Oct 5th.

    I was just wondering what some of you have chosen as "must read" books this season. Please share your Top Five Must reads for Fall 2010!!

    1. Safe Haven, Nicholas Sparks (rel date 9/14)
    2. The Promise, Richard Paul Evans (rel date 10/5)
    3. The Brave, Nicholas Evans (rel date 10/12)
    4. Mini Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella (rel date 9/21)
    5. Rescue, Anita Shreve (rel date 11/30)
  2. Right now, the only one I'm very excited for "Fall of Giants" by Ken Follett. I think it's being released on September 28.
  3. Mine are based on release date:
    1. Mini-shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (9/21)
    2. Fall of Giants by Ken Follett (9/27)
    3. The Confession by John Grisham (10/25)
    4. Full Dark No Stars by Stephen King (11/9)
    5. The Emporers Tomb by Steve Berry (11/23)

    Plus so many more. It was hard to narrow it to 5!!
  4. The Million Dollar Demise ~ R.M. Johnson
    Torn Between Two Lovers ~ Carl Weber
    Tempted By Trouble ~ Eric Jerome Dickey
    Sins of the Mother ~ Victoria Christopher Murray
    Samson ~ Jacquelin Thomas
  5. Well, I finished SAFE HAVEN and just started PROMISE ME. I had started the newest SHOPAHOLIC book in between, but didn't get too far before PROMISE ME came out - I'm too excited to read this book, so Becky's gonna have to wait a little while longer before I can finish reading about her latest escapades!
  6. I've been trying to read Infinite Jest since this past summer, so I guess I should include that!....nah....

    1. The Pain Chronicles (Melanie Thernstrom)
    2. The False Friend (Myra Goldberg)
    3. Out Stealing Horses (Per Petterson)
    4. The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln (Graeme Donald)
    5. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (David Mitchell)

  7. I finished SAFE HAVEN, got about 1/4 thru SHOPAHOLIC before THE PROMISE came out - almost done with that one. THE BRAVE just came out today. Should have all three done before RESCUE comes out (and I'll probably have time to start FREEDOM in between there!
  8. These aren't new releases but they are very good and I recommend them--

    Something Borrowed -- Emily Giffin (chick lit, and first of the series)

    Eating Animals -- Jonathan Safran Foer (very good!)

    Pandora Prescription -- James Sheridan
  9. We have a book club now! Woo hoo! If you want to participate, we are in the suggestion making stage for the Nov/Dec book. This first one needs to be short, 250-300 pages, so it does not burden people during the holidays. Take a look in the sticky section of our forum for the suggestion thread. I'd like to see you there and get to know you better.