Books on Tape

  1. Anyone actually listen to them? I'm thinking about buying one from iTunes, but I'm still up in the air about it. Does it ruin the book or do you find yourself more interested?
  2. I typically listen to books on tape when I am going on a long trip (car or air). It keeps me awake. I like them but it also depends on the narrator. Sometimes, the voice will bother me and I will give up on the book after awhile.
  3. I was previewing confessions of a shopaholic on iTunes and the narrator sounded really good. It makes me want to read the book. I don't know if I'd be better off buying the book or listening to it.
  4. I love, love, love books on tape....HOWEVER, it all depends on the narrator.
    Courtney B. Vance (Angela Bassett's husband) was a great narrator for a book I listened to a couple of months ago. You'd be surprised how many actors and actresses narrate books on tape.

    Give it a try.
  5. Yup they are awesome for long road trips...or even the commute to work when you are tired of the same old songs on the radio:smile:
  6. I love books on tape/CD.

    But I only like the ones where someone reads the book as opposed to a reinactment or narration of the story line. You have to watch out for the difference.

    If you are just wanting them for commuting rather than long drives, look for tape/CD books that are a series of stories. "All Creatures Great and Small" by James Herriott is very charming.
  7. I haven't use them for awhile, but when I was commuting an hour to an hour and a half (one way), I really helped.

    You might try the library....that's where I got mine, good way to test if you actually like the format :smile:
  8. Since I drive 1000 to 1200 miles a week, I'm a HUGE fan of audio books! :rolleyes:

    I agree with the other poster's--the narrator can make all the difference. There are a few narrators that I just cannot even stand to listen to; however, the majority are very good. Jim Dale who reads all of the Harry Potter books is amazing!

    I'm very eclectic with my "reading" and have well over 200 audio books. I tried audible. com, but was very disappointed in their download quality. I haven't tried iTunes yet.

    I don't think it ruins the book. I have very little time to actually sit down and read so this how I get my reading fix. I definitely prefer to get the unabridged versions vs. the abridged.