books/novels/reading material subforum

  1. Vlad,

    Is it possible to have books/novels/reading material subforum ??
    I know we have so many threads regarding books recommendation. I think it's great to have have special forum books..

    Thanks in advance..
  2. That would be great! I love to read and am always looking for suggestions.
  3. OHHHH..I would just love that!!! I read alot...atleast 1 book per week. (I used to read 2 per week before I found the forum)...
  4. Can I add my voice to the bibliophile, bag loving crew please?

  5. Me too..
  6. And me!

    We could call it The Bookshelf, or something.

    (And if it helps, I was an English Literature major in college! You know, if you're looking for someone to moderate.)
  7. I think this is a great idea. I am a reader!
  8. I would be interested as well..Has one been started or still just thinking about it?
  9. What a wonderful suggestion! Count me in!
  10. books & music:yes:
  11. Would love always looking for recommendations on a good book. Maybe divided into fiction (mstyery, romance, etc.) and non-fiction to make it easier.
  12. Great idea. I'm a big reader and I love recommendations.
  13. Yes, please! Especially now that chicklit has shut down!
  14. YES I love the idea
  15. I am interested in a place where we can talk about books and make recommendations.