Books don't Count on a Ban

  1. I'm on a ban, but for my LV fix ordered: The Taste of Luxury: Bernaud Arnault & the Moet-Hennessy Louis Vuitton Story.

    I've already read: Louis Vuitton Japan: The Building of Luxury by Kyojira Hata.

    See, told ya I was a nerd... Anyone else read any good books bout our love???:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. I agree...books don't count. Either does jewelry.
  3. right on. thank God!
  4. You're merely educating yourself, hehe. ;)
  5. oh my god!! u think exactly the same as me!! i just ordered this yesterday from amaz*!!

  6. right on Damier Princess...that rocks....
  7. I like your thinking ;)
  8. I just ordered Louis Vuitton, the Birth of Modern Luxury at lunch today at Borders. I love books!
  9. ooohhh, isn't that the big $300 one???!!! That's on my wish list big time, I'm gettin that one , 1 day... congrats charleston mom, that's a good lunch hour purchase...yay!
  10. The book I got (I'm thinking) has something to do with the birth of the Noe, since Moet Hennessy is a Champagne Winery, and the Noe was designed to carry 5 bottles of champagne up the french countryside....
  11. books do not count...noe+ 5 bottles of champagne sounds good to to get me a noe...some champagne and a ticket to France...that would be sooo LV history!!!
  12. Congrats! Gotta love loop holes.

  13. The one I ordered is the great big one, but the price they quoted me was $125.00 which is the same as in the Boutique only my Boutique was sold out. They said it will take a few weeks because they have to order it from the publisher. I can't wait - will be fun to go through, you know?!

  14. I just finshed reading Kings of the Catwalk... The Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy Story
    It was pretty interesting alot of facts about Arnault for sure..:flowers:
    and NO..your'e not a nerd.