1. Call my psycho, but when I buy things from online, I bookmark my purchases so I can easily refer back to them.

    Well my bookmarking just paid off. I was going back to look at what I bought because I haven't received most of my shipments. I noticed that everything I had bought had been reduced in price EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. So, I contacted customer service via Live Chat (gotta love that it's available 24 hrs lol) and I asked for a price adjustment. They do price adjustments within 10 days of purchase. So, I just got credited $75! That's a small amount compared to what I have bought, but hey it's something! :yahoo:

    So, point of my rant was to say that if any purchases you have made in the last 10 days online have dropped in price, customer service should and will give you a refund.

    This was the case with NM so I know Bergdorf's will work the same way and I'm sure Saks will follow suit. ;)

    On a side note, must be the day of getting lucky with refunds, b/c we just bought a 50" plasma TV and the price dropped over $100 and I got that back earlier his evening too! hehe

    Sorry for rambling, but I'm just happy because this whole getting money back never happens to me. LOL

  2. congrats!!!! :tup::tup:
  3. congrats! and thanks for the great tip. i have to start organizing my online purchases.
  4. Thanks guys! ;)

    I never really did it before and I randomly started this sales season because I was buying so much online and in store. 3 refunds were only like $10 each, but the biggest one was over $40 for a Burberry shirt for my Dad. The shirt looks even better at half off. hehe ;)
  5. Thanks Asha! I just called to get $138 refund from the Chloe edith I just ordered!:love::love::love:
  6. My, aren't you the smart shopper. Thanks for the money saving tip.
  7. Thanks for the tip! I had the Chloe Edith I recently purchased as a bookmark, so I went to check it after I read this post. I used the online customer service support and they agreed to credit me $128! I am so excited. :smile:
  8. great tip-thanks!
  9. thanks for the tip ashakes!
  10. Another tip...cross reference your items between retailers. I found some items I purchased at Saks were MUCH cheaper than the identical item on sale at NM.
  11. Yeah, me too, I just checked today too and the Burberry shirt that I bought for DH is further reduced by another 30 bucks.. Hooray!
  12. Thanx alot...i called them up and was able to get an adjustment on my edith tote...and save myself $128
  13. Great! I'm so happy all of you got some cash back. I'm glad my OCD tendencies really helped you guys out! That means you are going to buy more right? HAHAHAHA Unfortunately, that's what I ended up doing. LOL
  14. Which one did you buy? My mom wanted something short sleeve and not a knit, so I saw this white linen shirt. He does not like linen that much b/c it wrinkles so easily, but it was a great deal and I knew it would look nice on him. He's 59, but he's very stylish. hehe

    I told her this evening how I got $42 back and she was like how the heck did you do that? HA!
  15. Yeah, Saks generally is cheaper than NM at least online don't you think? Only reason why I buy the majority of items from NM is b/c I have everything shipped to Ohio where my parents live and there is no NM there, so therefore no tax. :smile: Then, I grab it the next time I visit, or my Mom ships the items to me. So, personally NM works out quite a bit cheaper in the end. Plus, they don't seem as stingy with their free shipping codes. LOL