Book totes and outlet

  1. Does anyone think that the Coach Hampton's Book Totes will arrive in the outlets (eventually)? I saw a bunch of nice ones on sale during Columbus Day, but they all had "factory" tags...and for some reason, it kinda turned me off. I dunno, after hearing from someone that factory bags were more inferior quality than the store ones, I can only sit tight and hope that the store ones will show up eventually...
  2. The 6491 Book Totes have been replaced with a new style. I think the Book Totes at the Factory Stores are fine. The smaller lunch totes have been replaced with a new style. They look fine too.

    Which hamptons totes were you talking about?
  3. i wouldn't worry about quality. it's going to be the same top notch quality no matter where you buy your bag.
  4. Outlet store quality is terrific....
  5. if you're worried about the tag, don't. it's just that: a tag.
    all other outlet places are the same quality as their full-price store, are they not? so have no fear.
  6. All right, if you guys say so. :smile: Someone told me that the leather is "cheaper" than the regular department store ones, but then again, how would I know anyway?
  7. I'm looking for the black pebbled book tote. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on the coach website. I used to want the carryall, but then I figured with the bag collection I'm accumulating, a smaller one would be a better start.
  8. it's gotta be something psychological then. if you THINK it's going to be cheaper, then it will be (to you). doubtful you could tell the difference between a boutique bag and a factory bag unless you had the tags on each.
  9. That bag would be the same quality. If it is a bag, made specifically only for the outlet store, some claim the bag will not be made as well. That bag is a regular line, not an outlet specific bag. I am not sure whether the claim about outlet specific bags is true or not.
  10. this really applies to any retail outlet but...

    when you see an item there that you've seen in the stores before, it's actually from the store or was made for the store, and is overstock, and that's why it's at the outlet.

    any new style you see at the outlet AND the store, the one at outlet has some irregularity (e.g. i found some bags with the word coach written on the back of the clip instead of the front for the hampton hobos) so it was sent to the factory to sell a little cheaper, those are rare.

    if you've seen a bag in the factory that was never in a coach store, it's a factory exclusive. and at that, usually it's a bag that a) the quality wasn't up to par (rare, this applies for clothing as well btw, GAP is notorious for this) b) they had too many of it made and the season was over (AF is notorious for this) or c) it's a design that's great, and the quality is great, but they felt that the consumers wouldn't jump for it (usually happens more in the clothing dept. and the whole "what's in now" thing)
  11. Ah, I see. :smile: Thanks!
  12. I've seen employees at my local outlet cutting tags off full-price bags and replacing them with outlet ones, I think just to correct the price. There are outlet-only bags of course, but for the most recent book tote model I'd bet that the tag has just been replaced. Snap one up, they're so cute!
  13. Go and see it for yourself. If you don't like the quality or think it's inferior, then don't get it. I personally have no problems with it so far. All my outlet purchases - I LOVE!