Book suggestions for 1st time expectant mom

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  1. My friend will be in town at the end of April - she will be about 3.5 mos pregnant by then. I would like to get her a congratulatory card and a book about pregnancy. I was sifting through for ideas, and there's just too many! I know that What to Expect When You're Expecting is pretty well known, but the reviews seem mixed. Being that I've never been pregnant, I have no idea which book is better than another. Which book was your go-to-resource for all your questions and concerns during your first pregnancy? When she returns this summer, I hope to help co-host a baby shower for her and give her a book about parenting. Any suggestions for either? Thanks!
  2. The "what to expect" books are good. They have one for what to expect the first year or first 3 years I forget and other books too. I liked the "girlfriends guide to pregnancy" that also came with a journal. My SIL gave it to me and it is a more lighthearted approach with good information, makes you not feel like a freak !
  3. ^I'd go for Vicki Iovine's book as well.
    I'm assuming that just entering her 2nd trimester she probably has any pregnancy books she wants. KWIM?
    Maybe a What to Expect the 1st Year instead?
  4. Well I should also mention that my friend is currently living in S. Korea until June. So I'm not really sure what kind of books she has access to in Seoul.
  5. I loved Girlfriend´s guide to pregnancy, funny yet informative:tup:

  6. Ditto that was the only pregnancy book I liked & found helpful, I'm not into medical mumbo jumbo. She explains everything in an informative but lighthearted way. Actually my daughter brought it to me this morning & I flipped through it. I kept saying to myself "She was right, yep, yep, lol
  7. Not a parenting book but Baby Bargains was invaluable to me.
  8. What to Expect when You're Expecting - it was my pregnancy Bible! :tup:
  9. ^ me too! I think I read it cover to cover :biggrin:

    also, for a light funny read i suggest Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs :biggrin:
  10. same here. also liked "From the Hips."
  11. Excellent, I just ordered that book.

    I agree with MAGs, read belly laughs by Jennie Mccarthy when you want to laugh.
  12. I ended up with quite a few pregnancy books, including a couple mentioned here.

    I got Your Pregnancy Week by Week on the recommendation of a friend. It was really interesting at first, but then I signed up for the weekly updates and was less into the book, since it was some of the same info. I also thought the book was a little bit simplistic, so if I were doing it again, I'd probably just stick with the updates.

    I also had The Mother of All Pregnancy Books. It has a lot of good information. The one small complaint I have is that I found the organization hard to follow and quickly find the information I was looking for. Thank goodness for the index!!

    My favorite was The Pregnancy Bible - it was really informative without being scary. It's the one I would go to the most when I wanted to check something.
  13. Hands down... a must... The Pregnancy Book, The Birth Sears