Book- marking the Kama Sutra?

  1. I keep referring back to this invaluable resource!! Could the more tech savy among you instruct me... is there a way to book mark a particular thread?? I'm afraid it will fall off the main page and disappear, such that I won't be able to located it, when I'm in need of a little scarf instruction. Ideas anyone?
  2. You can just bookmark it as you would any other web page. Go to the top, click on bookmarks, add bookmark.
  3. Or you can subscribe to it and it will be under your quick links whenever you are on the PF =)
  4. Thanks Rose & May.
    May, the "subscription tool" was what I was looking for, I just didnt realize itwas available! Yes, I know...clueless.
    I just wanted the scarf thread to come up easily when I'm already in TPF. I have way to many web bookmarks unfortunately... I need bookmarks of my bookmarks!