Book - Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury

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  1. This book came out in November telling the history of the brand and filled with framing quality photos of products and ad campaigns.
    It retailed in the boutique for $125. I just cked and someone has it listed for $500! Someone else has it for $227. Barnes and Noble, same thing. $420! Talk about markup!

    Does anyone have this book yet?

  2. I bought this book a while ago when it first came out, my SA called and told me she had one on hold for me, she knows I love the history of LV. It is a great book, beautiful pictures, worth the money for sure, I think it was $135 with tax. Everyone should really get it, it is limited and considered a collectors item, a perfect coffee table book for my LV trunk coffee table!!!
  3. I have it on order at but. I payed $75 for it from one of there authorized sellers. Can't wait to get it. :P

  4. You will really enjoy it, it is really heavy so dont keep it in your lap too long, it starts to hurt!
  5. The pictures in this book are so wonderful...I mean they are frame-worthy, that's how nice they are. It definnitely is the perfect coffee table book, but make sure you have a strong sturdy table, as this book weighs a good 20 pounds! It's worth the money, but even more so if you buy it on Amazon...the boutique sells them at $125, hubby bought it for me on Amazon for about $80 and free shipping.

  6. I thought the same thing about the pics, they would look great framed. I actually have an LV bag framed, I am silly I know, it is a little shopping one. I have a wall of fashion of autographed designer pages and things like that, things from trunk shows, etc, fashion shows. They hang on a wall in my closet. The LV bags is on a mossy green velvet(may sound bad but looks so nice with the brown) they are all framed very nicely in gold frames.
  7. That looks like a great book!
  8. I got it 2 weeks ago at LV boutique for $175.CA. It's a beauty! :love:
  9. thanks for the heads up! just ordered from amazon

  10. Oh yours cost even more bc you are in Canada, mine was 135 with tax from LV in the US, I always see on books how it is somewhat more in Canada, that would be annoying to me knowing just next door in the US it cost less.
  11. it is very annoying! along with the tax and duty everyone charges to ship to canada.. i ordered a $35 item the other day from shopbop and with the duty, taxes and exchange it'll end up costing me close to $100 cdn

  12. I love Shopbop ! But wow, from 35 to 100.
  13. This sounds like an amazing collectors' item. If anyone wants to put in the time to scan the pages, please let me know.

  14. Sure let me just scan all 539 pages no problem ,give me one minute. (Just kidding)
  15. Ok, I ordered mine from just now. It's about $78 after tax and budget shipping. I chose the cheapest shipping cuz I don't mind if this book takes awhile to get here. :amuse:

    I saw similiar LV books in Taiwan a few months ago and it was a good thing I ddn't buy it, although it was tempting. I can't wait to add this to my coffee table book collection. Wait... I don't have a collection so this book will be the first. ;)