Book Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury

  1. I've been trying to find this book for a while - via 866, my local LV, my local B&N Bookstore asking them to try to order it, etc. etc. to no avail. Been told its out of print - My local LV found one in Bermuda but the Bermuda store refused to send it to the US .. Doh!

    Well Jazzie, another tPFer located it on Amazon.CA .. sooo cool ! For retail! -- I have seen them for $500 etc. but I aint paying that! LOL Its about $125 retail US.

    B&N Says its out of Print and can't order it and just to go to their website and click on it periodically, if they get enough clicks it may get reprinted LOL

    Well I ordered one from Amazon.CA !!! ... I called them today to see if they are real? They aren't in stock but they are expecting them from their supplier - 4 to 6 weeks deliver .. Do you think they exist? No one else anywhere, even Amazon.Com doesn't list it. What do you think are the chances I'll actually get it? LOL ... well anyway, if anyone else wants to order it, its still there at Amazon.CA .. the Canadian version of Amazon. Says mine will ship in early April.
  2. Try Neiman Marcus-they have free shipping and were 125.00 when I got mine.tRY SEARCH -LOUIS VUITTON BOOK
  3. i have ordered mine from BOTH Amazon japan and Canada and have yet to receive it.

    Amazon Japan was ordered a few weeks earlier than Canada, but i guess you just have to wait.

    I'm the same with you.. i've looked everywhere and its all sold out and out of print
  4. wow... This is just too eerie. This morning, I was just wondering about when my book is coming and I get an email from saying it has been delayed. Then I find this thread!

    I was supposed to get my book anytime between feb.23rd to mar.7th. But as I am typing this reply, I re-checked the status of my order on-line and the dates changed! My new estimated delivery dates are now April 2 2007 - April 19 2007. AAww.. I just realized that's like 6-8 weeks more of waiting!

    So, I am hopeful that they do exist! Just hang in there with me Vista!
  5. That's so freaky, Jazzie - Last night I was just changing the ship to address since I wont be in Calgary until the end of March and didn't want it to show up at an empty house so had it sent to my Mom's in Montreal -- but when I went in to update it, the date changed to April delivery so heck may as well send it to me in Calgary so changed the address to me in Calgary now.... My hubby doesn't think these exist -- I asked the guy at ... How many do you have available? He said .. none, these are all on backorder from the supplier .. I said "I know other people who would like to get some, is there a limit we can order" he says "no limit" LOL

    He did say they get access to books out of print if that means anything.
  6. The Birth of Modern Luxury books are still available although they are very rare. I was recently in Louis Vuitton to get my luggage and asked my sales girl to get me three of the books because I needed them for gifts because I already have a couple. She located three of them and got them for me without any problems. I would just try your Louis Vuitton boutique and ask for one.
  7. i have been calling and looking for one now that i am 'ok' with spending $125 on a book.
    now, they can't be found for retail anywhere!
  8. The books are $135 each plus tax. For me, they were about $150.00 each.
  9. I bought mine from my local boutique about 2 months or so ago, for $135.00.