Book: Handbag of the Fabulous

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  1. that's so crazy..I was just wondering if they had book dedicated to Hermes!!
  2. Ooh, I'd buy one!
  3. This is interesting! Now I wonder if there is also a book dedicated to Hermés Kelly. I will buy both books. :lol:
  4. It would be a great read.
  5. hi, im new to this forum, i absolutely love birkins, unfortunately for me they are unobtainable. I received my book, its written by the same people who own hermesgalleria, there are five pictures (wow) of birkins and knowing what has been written about this site, how can anybody take this book seriously if it wasnt written by them you could quite easily take the information on board, but im a little dissapointed in it i,was looking forward to looking at the pictures.
  6. ^^ Yup. Stick around here long enough and you'll learn more about Birkins and see more pics than in a hundred books. Welcome!