Book Cover for the Final Harry Potter Book!

  1. OMG I can't wait for this book!!
  2. Darn, photobucket is blocked at work so I have to wait another 8 hours to see the pic. LOL

    I am excited about the book too. I started re-reading Book 6 this week to get ready to read book 7.
  3. Is that for real? :confused1: (Sorry, but when it comes to HP I rarely believe anything that doesn't come straight from JKR :p )

    EDIT: Ok, I guess it is ... it's up on Amazon
  4. Harry looks all grown up! I'd better start re-reading Book 6 as well, I can't remember everything that happened.
  5. OMG! i can't wait... i already put on a pre orde, can't wait for it to get here!!!

    i think it's the cover for the child's edition right?
  6. I am acutally going to go back and maybe read from book 4 or 5 since the movie of book 5 is coming out this summer too!
  7. I preordered this book last month and now I can't remember where I preordered it from!
  8. i cant wait! i'll have to reread the last 2 books and preorder mine!
  9. I cannot wait too! Need to start revising! I love the book.
  10. I can't wait for book 7 to be released .... I'll def. be hitting the bookstore at midnight and kicking little children out of the way to get my copy :boxing:

  11. The one pictured is the British cover.

    This is the American one:
  12. Ahh, I thought the artwork looked really, really off. Aww, too bad Ron and Hermione aren't on the cover for the US version.
  13. I can't wait to see the movie. I really hope Harry does not die.
  14. They had a poll on Newsround (kids tv news programme) today - like the cover or not - and I think the majority went for not! I don't care, just want to read the book!