Book bag?? Saleya PM / Hampstead PM?

  1. I was just wondering for those of you who own the Damier Saleya PM or the Hampstead PM bags . . . can they be used as a bookbag also? I'm mainly looking for a purse/bag that can fit at least 2-3 folders in it. Thanks!
  2. I don't have either bag, but I don't think the saleya pm would hold very many if any folders. You can go up to the saleya mm and get much more room. the bh and bv are good bags for folders, too.
  3. Both bags are beautiful. I would have a hard time choosing. I would recommend checking the measurements on the bags and you folders to make sure you get one that fits.
  4. I would say the MM would be a better size.
  5. the hampstead pm and saleya pm will not hold A4 size. The MM in either bag is a better choice. The hampstead would be a great choice for a book bag because of its more 'rectangular' shape, the books would probably sit better, and the open top and adjustable sides would work well.
  6. Yup, I agree with everyone else, the MM is a better choice.
  7. PM is TOO small to be a book bag. MM would be a better choice (for the Saleya that is, not sure about Hampstead)
  8. saleya MM for sure~! so cute.
    i use the lv cabas mezzo as my bookbag, its also a good choice! ^^
  9. Thanks everyone! I just got back from the LV boutique and you're right the PM is tooo small! I def. am looking more at the MM size for a book bag / purse.
  10. I use the saleya MM to carry my books in. I think they fit books better than the PM. I love it and find it very practical.
  11. I would go with the MM.
  12. PM is way too small. You would need to go up to an MM....or try the Batignolles line!
  13. I have saleya pm. No, it wont hold your books or folders. the mm or gm size might fit to your needs.