BooHooHoo! Black Rose Hobo must go back

  1. Because it's too frickin' big! I'm so disappointed, I could tell it was going to be big but not that big.

    I hope Active Endeavors refunds my money. I used a coupon code so I'm a bit worried that they'll just give me a store credit. And believe it or not, there's nothing else on their site that I want.

    Regarding the leather, I thought it was wonderful. But this is my first botkier so maybe it's not as luxe as what seasoned botkiers fans expect. The quality is great as well.

    I'm thinking about the satchel in cherry but really, how many red handbags does a girl need? Counting them up now: coach hobo, swingpack and satchel, LV epi speedy, tess loriani suede flower hobo, nuove dive satchel, something by treesje, vanessa hobo by charlie lapson, and anything else I can't recall. Then there's the pink bags.........................

    Of course, I can proclaim myself A COLLECTOR and that entitles me to as many red bags as I deem fit!
  2. Sorry to hear that :sad: Did you get the bigger or the smaller version? I've seen two sizes. Maybe the smaller one would work for you?

    And one can never have too many red bags, I say! :heart:
  3. wow is it really that big? the pictures dosen't make it seem like to be that big anyway...

    what do you mean by big? so i have an idea
  4. Yeah what do you mean by big? I'm worried now b/c I don't like BIG bags as my everyday ones. lol Can you take a modeling pic maybe? PRETTTTTTTTTTTTTY PLEASE. ;)

    It didn't look that big in the pictures. And, I don't recall the dimensions off the top of my head, but I didn't think they were large either.

    K, psycho me went to go get the dimensions. They are as follows: 15"W x 10 1/2"H x 7 1/2"D; 11" strap drop. And, the dimensions of the satchel aren't too far off from the ones of the hobo, other than the strap drop, which is only 6.5" on the satchel.
  5. LOL. I was concerned b/c I special ordered it and it is FINAL SALE since it was a special order. I'm sure I could weasle store credit if I didn't like it, but would rather not deal witht that whole process. Anyways, I measured my Chloe Paddington Satchel and it has very similar dimensions so I should be happy with this one considering the nice strap drop. Phewwwwww! :sweatdrop:
  6. Remember the pics I posted of mine in the thread I started about my bag? I put 6 20 ounce bottles of water in that bag plus all of my stuff. IT is BIG and the dimensions don't really represent that.

    I still like the bag knowing I could fit more stuff if I had to.
  7. Yeah, that should've been my first clue. lol.

    Why is it so gorgeous? and SO BIG?
  8. who did you order from? did you recently order a chocolate bianca from karizma and exchange it for this one?
  9. Aw that's the cutest bag! So sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. But you're doing the right thing - if you don't like it send it back and get something you love!
  10. I ordered the black rose hobo in metallic plum from Karizma as I have a credit there for other things, but did so about 2 weeks ago.

    And, I did have a chocolate Bianca a while ago, but sent it back to ADASA, where I purchased it from.

  11. So sorry that you have to return it. I LOVE botkier but I think that some of their bags are a little too big. Good luck!