Boohoo. My black Devin is lost!

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  1. Arrgh. I'm so upset. My boyfriend bought me a Kooba Devin in black lambskin from Jessie Boutique for our anniversary and it's been over a month! I called the store and got the tracking number, and was shocked to find out when I called USPS that there was no tracking info - and a signature wasn't required. I don't really understand how you can get a tracking number but not require a signature. What's the point of a tracking number then?? :push:

    The owner of the store is looking into it for me, but I think this ship has sailed and I'm really upset because there was some really pretty black devins on eBay awhile back and they're long gone too. It was also a really good deal too - Under $300 total brand new! Sigh. I seem to have very bad luck with purses. I bought two Hayden Harnetts recently and the proper invoice wasn't attached so customs is threatening to destroy my package if they don't get the paperwork. Can you believe? :crybaby:

    Anyway, if anyone sees a black Devin anywhere, can you please PM me? I've been looking and they don't seem to be available anymore.
  2. Why that's horrible! Simply horrible!!! You need to contact USPS directly and not just the really should spend some serious time looking into this. There's gotta be a place somewhere where packages go to sit that got bamboozled in the system.....
  3. I did call USPS. They were totally unhelpful. All they could tell me was that the package left on August 17th. They said they aren't able to track it, and that they have no information, and no signature is required. So essentially - it's gone! How does that happen? Lately, shipping to Canada is such a hit and miss thing. Oof. :sad:
  4. That's horrible! It wasn't insured?
  5. I'm sure it was, but I'm not worried about that. I know Jessie boutique will refund my money. I don't want my money back though. I want the bag! It was such a good deal and it's so so beautiful. waaah. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. :s
  6. Oh my, what an awful thing to happen. I'm hoping it turns up and that it was just held up in Customs. Fingers crossed you get some good news, otherwise we need to sniff out another Devin for you at a good price. You know the girls here are good at that.
  7. Thanks Mini! You're such a doll! :queen:

    I really AM trying to remain positive here. :biguns:
    I'm just worried that some lazy postal worker dumped my package outside my building (which is right on the main drag of a busy street) and someone just walked by and scooped it up! Sigh. I wish the boutique would tell me what the heck is going on. Really frustrating.
  8. Oh my, that is some really poor customer service from the USPS (not that it's suprising though). I can't believe how they treat people sometimes. One would think with the loss of all the letter mail due to computers, that they would be happy to ship packsges, but it seems they just want to gripe about it all the time.
    I hope you are able to find your Devin somewhere. Do you know what method they used to ship (prioirty mail)?
  9. I'm sorry Jade. That's really lousy. I hope you find a Devin.
  10. I'll bet everything works out; But if you bid or order another, customs will find yours & then you'll have two!
    it's Murphy's Law, right?
  11. Oh no! How awful!

    Good grief Jade, I hope you get your money back!!!
  12. Haha. Yes, that's true Rose. I'll bet that's exactly what will happen. :lol:

    And no KoobaLover - I'll get my money back. But I really prefer getting the purse! :sad:
  13. This is such a bummer. There's nothing worse than waiting for a much wanted bag to arrive and then find it's lost and they're no longer available. I'm still hoping for a happy ending.
  14. The eternal optimist! I hope you're right! :yes: