Boohoo have to sell my Silverado :(

  1. Need the $ so one of my bags has to go, and it's got to be my Silverado.

    I hate having to use ebay as it's such a nightmare but at least it's 10cent listing today...I was considering using a consignment boutique instead. Which do you guys think would be better? I can't deal with all the "is it authentic" questions I'll probably get thru ebay. Plus I'll probably have to take a major loss as mine is the chocolate all leather, not the python that everyone seems to want. AND I have to battle with the fakes that go for as much as authentic!

    IF I list on ebay what should I start out at? I would like to at least get $800 for it since it's in like new you think I'm being realistic in expecting I can get it??? :sad:
  2. That bites. :sad: I think you could get atleast $800 for your silverado. I don't think it's that unrealistic, considering I paid more for one a few weeks ago at the marketplace. If it's in great condition and a good color, I think you'll be fine.

    As far as ebay or consignment store, I'd just go with ebay, but it depends on how much the consignment store wants. I was of the impression that they typically take a bigger percentage. Sure, it's annoying to do so on ebay and answer a gazillion questions, but atleast you'll probably get more money for your efforts too. Hope this helps and good luck!!

    EDIT: P.S. What color and style is it?
  3. BLove is it usually a percentage of the sale price? I fear ebay lol. It's such a scary place but I will list it today just because it's cheap! Should I start off low w/reserve or do high with Buy It Now? I never know which looks best to buyers....
  4. I belong to a yahoo group where people sell fashion stuff including bags. You have to subscribe to be able to list items but its free. It was set up for members of to sell stuff. MUA doesn't allow selling.

    To learn more about the fashionswap group, please visit

    Hope that helps!
  5. Personally, I would just go for the higher and BUY IT NOW price. I'm not a great ebayer though. I'd rather just buy it than play the whole bidding game. Probably why I've never successfully managed to buy a bag off of ebay. I would definitely ask the more frequent ebayers about it.

    I do think that consignment stores take a percentage. Someone told me it was close to 1/3 the sales price (which seemed exhorbitant to me), but I would definitely make some calls and find out what works best for you financially... It's always what you can live with, imo.

    Good luck! And I still want to know what color and style! :o)
  6. Oh sorry! I forgot to answer your ques blove! It's the chocolate medium silverado, all leather (buffalo). It's stunning truly but I can't keep it with all my other purchases.
  7. Hmm if I don't belong to this makeup alley will anyone buy from me there?

  8. I think you should list the bag for at least $300 or so below retail if you really want to sell it. You are more likely to get either a bid or competition later in the auction if you go below retail. You could have a BIN that is closer to retail, but I believe it is still possible to purchase the bag new.
  9. Ok - how much does it retail new? I can't even recall now...thanks SoCal!
  10. i don't know where you live but i found the consignment stores here (nyc) take 50% and seem to sell for about half of the retail price (so you're only ending up with a quarter of that)...i recently discovered an ebay center (in nj) that takes less in fees and had a good experience with them. i realize it's still kind of crazy because it's probably best to sell yourself and take all the profit but i'd never been on ebay before so i wasn't sure how to even begin and like you i was also afraid no one would believe the bag was authentic...anyway, good luck, it sounds like a beautiful bag!!!
  11. SoCal
    did you ever sell your python silverado on ebay? I just significantly reduced the price on mine to get it to sell.
  12. This isn't my picture but my Silverado is the same as the brown one in the back - taking pics tonight and will post the exact one...