Boogie vs Minilisa - Deja Vu? No, I Am Just Crazy

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Caramel Boogie or Minilisa?

  1. It if ain't broke don't fix it. Get the Boogie!!

  2. Broaden your horizons! Get the Minilisa!!

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  1. Trying to figure out what Caramel bag to get.

    I have owned both and loved both. Here is the battle I had previously between the two in Black. I have mod pics of both.

    Initially I kept the Minilisa and sent the Boogie back. Then I bought the Boogie again. Then I sold the Minilisa because a) I am crazy (weren't you listening??) and b) I have two many black bags and was trying to downsize.

    Here is another mod shot I took of the Minilisa.


    So the question is which to I go for this time? The Boogie and I have history. She is my first love. I own Lawn, Black and Grape. She's big but not overwhelming. I love the slouch, the simplity of the shape. The Boogie just works for me.

    On the other hand I really DO also like the Minilisa as well. And it's smaller than the Boogie. And it looks great on me. And just thinking about all this is making me wish I hadn't sold my black one, but I have three other black bags.

    I suppose I should wait for them to come in because sometimes a bag in one color doesn't look as good in another, ya know? But what do you guys think?

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  2. Well you know me, Knaz........BOOGIE all the way.
  3. I think i'm gonna vote for Boogie. I like the way the black minilisa looks on you, all sleek and stylish. The caramel might look a little more casual in the minilisa style so I say go for the Boogie!
  4. having several Boogies, i say the minilisa...hahaha, just kidding! I am probably one of the few Tanoites that was not a fan of the minilisa. I don't like the folds of leather, and really dislike the way the fabric part of the zipper is exposed above and below the metal. But it does look nice on you...guess I am no help, am I?
  5. Of course you are helping me Watson's Mom. I like to hear both sides of the coin. I must say I am leaning toward the Boogie right now. But still I am making sure I give the Minilisa a fair shot too, lol.
  6. As one of the few who doesn't care for the minilisa (just too small), I vote boogie all the way! I really love the caramel color too!
  7. Another vote for the Boogie. I think caramel would look better with the contrast trim.

    Minilisa does have that zipper problem (not as visible on the black bag). Actually, I'd say go get another black Minilisa except that you might find the hardware flimsy - especially compared to your RM bags.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean about the zipper? My black Minilisa did not have any zippers issues.

    Also I didn't think the hardware was flimsy in comparison to my RM's when I owned it. So I don't really think that would be a factor in my decision.

    You make a good point about the contrast. I wish I could see one's hard for me to imagine in my head.

  9. :shrugs:I haven't had a single Tano where I found the hardware flimsy....
  10. You mean the contrast on the Boogie, yes?

    The contrast trim on Addicted's DWAS is :drool:!
  11. ^^ I know!!! Her pictures are just delicious!!!
  12. Contrasting zippers aren't always a bad thing. Since RM was mentioned, Rebecca Minkoff often uses contrasting zippers (for ex black basketweave mam/b with blue zipper tracks, pearlized salmon with purple zipper tracks, etc.). These contrasting zippers are often requested in special orders. And being both a minilisa owner and multiple RMs, I don't see much of a difference in the quality of the zippers either.
  13. Knas, I think you should go with the tried and true boogie! You know you love it and it is great in any color!
  14. Sorry I guess I've been drinking or something....I thought Knas meant contrast TRIM.
  15. ^^Voodoo, quit huffing that WU!;)