Boogie Bucket Break-in Period??

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  1. Hi Ladies - I bought my first two Tanos, a French Nanny and a Boogie, and have just been carrying the FN, which is so comfortable. Today I switched to the Boogie and ran errands with it all morning, and I must say, my shoulder is sore and almost chafed from that stiff hard strap!! Please tell me that thing gets softer and less painful over time, cuz I really had a hard time with it! If it does break in, how long does it take? As you know, I am toying with selling the beaujolais Boogie, and if this doesn't get better, it's a definite goner! thanks!
  2. mine took about a week of carrying it every day with my huge amount of stuff in it, but it is super soft now. You definitely need to give it a chance! Some other members have suggested hanging it on a doorknob with some weight in it to speed up the process a bit. good luck!
  3. I don't have one (though I agree the FN is SO comfy!), but I second the idea of hanging the bag over a doorknob with all your things in it. That softens up the strap more easily than your shoulder. Given the sheer number of people who adore the Boogie, I have to believe that it does soften up and break in very well!
  4. I hang mine on the doorknob. I've had it for maybe 2 weeks now and the handle seems a bit stiff, but definitely softer than when I first got it.
  5. My boogie straps are a little stiff but still very comfortable for me. They don't seem to have changed much since new and I use them all the time. They just work for me I guess. The boogie is still my favorite Tano.
  6. I also hung my Boogie on a doorknob and it did help to soften the strap a bit. The stiffness never really bothered me, but I know everything is a matter of personal preference. And hey, I'm sure if you decide to, you will have no problem selling that Beaujolais Boogie! :drool::graucho:
  7. It may be the actual width of the strap, and just the way my shoulder is built, but I will keep at it since it's such a beautiful bag. Thanks for all your advice!
  8. The doorknob hanging always does the trick for me!!!!
  9. I hope it gets better for you Watson'sMom!
  10. I carried my Boogie for a couple of weeks and it broke in nicely! Definitely do the doorknob trick. I put a few fat novels in there to really break in the strap. I too found the strap rather stiff, and although it still squeaks like brand spanking new leather (and makes me giggle everytime), it's much softer and more pliable. A very comfy bag. I love it to bits!